The first 3K file iPhone supported 5G is coming.

[The first support 5G 3k file iPhone is exposed iPhone Se Plus is coming]

I have always had some consumers for a long time to have a unique clock, butAppleThe company also saw this potential market demand and launched the Mini series in the recent generation flagship phone model, but the sales of these mini versions are not satisfactory. There is also a news that the next generation of flagship mobile phone has a mini series to depends on the sales of this generation iPhone 13 mini, which means that next-generation iPhone 14 series is likely to provide MINI versions. This is undoubtedly a bad news for users who like small mobile phones.

But there is no relationship, the latest news shows that Apple is intended to increase the door IPHONE SE PLUS, and consumers who like small mobile phones have new options. Related supply chain news, Apple may join the new entry-level IPHONE SE PLUS in addition to the next generation of iPhone, increasing the share of the entry-level market. It is reported that the iPhone Se Plus will use a 4.7-inch LCD screen, the screen size is the same as the previous iPhone 8, and support 5G network, and this phone is likely to be the cheapest support 5G of Apple.

As for the performance configuration, there is no specific message, but there are sources that Apple also sells the processor version for the two versions of the A15 and A14, or to see the final pricing strategy. Prior to this, Apple’s well-known analyst Guo Mingzhao has given the news that the new generation of iPhone SE does not have much change above the appearance, as long as the center of gravity is still in the upgrade of hardware configuration, this new mobile phone The price will be filed at 3,000 yuan, calculated is an apple phone that is introduced.