Set car, crazy growth

– Is there a new car brand in the world?

This is a problem that is mentioned from time to time during the car circle. This problem is a non-question, either, or not.

Reality is always so interesting and colorful than this repeated question and a tasteless answer.

The birth of each new car brand, which has ambitious blueprint and ambition, and each new car brand’s helmetman is eager to have colorful, and then change the silent industrial pattern or even the whole world.

Although Bat has never hidden to the interest of the car, it is Baidu, which is really going to the sea and touch the first crab.


On November 17, Li Yanhong was clearly said in Baidu Q3 financial investors’ meeting: the intensity through Baidu’s powerful science, wisdom, Zhiyun, and Zhitu’s advantageous ecology have achieved rapid development, the first conceptual production model The size of the slurry model has completed the wind tunnel test, which will debug the Beijing Auto Show and to the market for the first time to show its smart cockpit and smart driving. It is expected to achieve large-scale production delivery in 2023. At the same time, Li Yanhong also emphasized that the collection will launch a more bright model in the future.
This small section of Li Yanhong revealed the instant information of the company’s collection of car companies, almost all content drop points in progress.
For the collection, Li Yanhong is clearly confident.
Li Yanhong’s self-confidence may be the efficiency of the set.
From March 2 this year, the settlement of the model has not yet been less than 9 months. Because I started late, I have to catch up, and I will post it.
Naturally, "efficiency" has become a model of carpament.
In June, "Black Forest" shelter model exposure; July, the design is completed, research and development into the project development phase; August, with the Ningde Times, Mainland Group, Herbi Technology reached a strategic cooperation; September, awarded? SIMU Car (software integration simulation sample) road trial exposure, smart cockpit, and smart driving function custom research and development …
On November 17th, in the collection, the intelligent driving person in charge Wang Weibao said that the current collective SIMU CAR has entered the dynamic test phase, achieving the software week, which has been added this month, including the identification signal light , The intersection of the intersection, the functions such as driving, the future will continue to keep the weekly R & D rhythm, and the intelligent driving development speed of the set is far more than the industry average.
A freshman car brand gradually reveals its meteorological. "Efficiency" can take this stage and even a long time in the future.
No more than "efficiency", it reflects the glory of this stage. It is not just a simple pursuit of growth, but behind the fast layout, there is a collection of its own underlying growth logic – in the pursuit of speed At the same time, it is more important to innovate and autonomy.


Perhaps, high efficiency is not just a result, it should be a logic.
Behind the high-efficiency growth, must have a systemic force that matches it. The material system is generally inseparable from these three capabilities.
One is the capital force.
With the market level of new power, the market is getting deeper, the car is no longer a simple financing battle, burning money, but the integration war of various advantage resources, lasting battle.
The starting point of the collection is high, which is born with a golden spoon.
In April this year, the exact news suggests that Baidu and Geely Automobile Joint venture "Place Car" plan to invest 50 billion yuan in the next five years. At the beginning of June, the collection of car CEOs said that the plan will start the first round of financing in the third quarter of this year.
One is the head of the Internet giant, a Chinese brand giant in the head. The two giants’ capital rear book also makes the collection from the beginning of birth, and won the starting line of capital, talent, technology, and supply chain.
The second is teamwork.
Excavation and excavation, is a key indicator of the core competitiveness of the new power of the car.
In the initial stage of the car, can you dug into a person, it is related to the success or failure of the car. In this round of robbing, the collection is a great victory.
After the provision of the official confirmation, before BMW, Lexus, Yulai, Ford executives Zhu Jiang have recently joined the collection of automobiles, serving as Vice Presidents and the person in charge of the user development and operations.
As early as May this year, Xia 1 revealed that the core team of the whole vehicle design of 100 people in the city has been standing. At the end of next year, this scale has expanded to 2500-3,000 people.
In fact, in February, the set of CEOs, the person in charge of the Ministry of Intelligent Trucks, the Asia Pacific region of Fiat Klesler, Moyou, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Moy, and the core team. The industry is topped in the industry.
Among them, the person in charge of the original Geely Automotive Quality Manager Xu Huayi, from the first employee of the original Moyai, Chen Chao, and Zhang Hua, who was the first person of IT, two people served as a product of the model. Director of IT.
In terms of design, there is Wang Chiang Gang from the original Beiqi senior project supervisor, as well as the red sensor of the original disaster, the leader of the engineer; "said Wang Weibao, who mentioned above, Wang Weibao, who mentioned in Apple’s automatic driving R & D project. .
The third is the technology.
The high efficiency of the collective is largely standing on the shoulders of the giant, which is never avoided.
In the dimension of the car, there is a support of Geely vast architecture, which is free of the process of collecting the entire platform to develop or truck verification.
In intelligent dimensions, Baidu’s accumulation in AI and automatic driving areas, including central capabilities in map, automatic driving, perception, voice, etc., will fully empower the set.


The set may not have an opponent.
The topic of the traditional product to solve the problem is – who is my opponent? Once you understand who is the opponent, then it is equivalent to find out who you are.
In other words, traditional Chinese caring thinking is – aiming to make a car.
This way, the way you walk may not be walking, and you can’t talk about your opponent, everything must touch the stone over the river.
On August 18 this year, in the "Baidu World Conference 2021", Li Yanhong first proposed the concept of "car robot" and released Baidu "car robot".
Although there have been similar pits that have been made out of the game, there is no ability to achieve.
More than Ttrisla, Xiaopeng, Wei Si, Ideally, the destination is: to create a future car robot company.
Therefore, regardless of the establishment of a centralized organizational architecture, staff construction, and product research and development ideas are based on the idea of ??building a car robot.
The difference between cognition, the key is on this "person".
Whether it is Mask, still He Xiaopeng, in their cognition, cars is just a bit node of their dreams.
Tesla in Masque is not a car, but a fulcrum of clean energy dreams. Xiaopeng cars, is just a intelligent one of He Xiaopeng all things.
If they define the energy attributes of the car, they are either the carrier properties, which are the levels of the machine.
Li Yanhong’s collection car, I guess there will be more in the future – humanistic taste.
Cars cannot be just a carrier, one space, may still be a Jawis-style housekeeper. If the automatic driving is the form of functional pursuit, then the Givis-style key is the spiritual pursuit.
What’s more, Baidu APLLO system is world-class technology giants in the automatic driving area, just suffering from can’t land. The AI ??capability is also the same.
With the promotion of the rhythm of the collection product, I will verify that my guess is correct or not.
Li Yanhong said the "first conceptual production model", current appearance and interior design have been basically determined. And the summer is also more optimistic: the first volume of the car can be reserved within 200,000 yuan in the first year.
The past car is gasoline feeding. Future cars will be fed by data.
There may be no opponents on this road, but on the mining and mining of the data, it is far from the early Teslas.
– Can I miss the sufficient amount of data in the future, I am afraid it is a core factor that is related to the success or failure of Li Yanhong.

Editor in charge: Xu Asia

Simple understanding of laser principle, learn a knowledge point daily

Laser, it should be said to be a household name, but if you really ask what is laser, I am afraid there will not be too many people to say it accurately. Laser, English is Laser, this Chinese name is very controversial, "Lease", "Thunder", "Light Edge", "Light Surplus Amplifier", how to call it, It seems that there is nothing to hear the word laser, I think that there is a relationship with the radium of the lady. Now I think is that it is one of the translations of Laser. Fortunately, there is the finals of Qian Xue Sen, this thing is also an official Chinese name. . The word Laser comes from the English first letters of five vocabulary.Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of RadiationDirect translation is called the exciter radiation amplifier, although it is not like the cooling of the laser, but for the scientific research dogs of our related majors, this full name is very refined, the principle of laser production.

If you want to mention the principle of laser, you can’t really be anxious. You have to go around a big bend. If you come over, you will have a little stimulus for students who don’t know this.

The principle of laser must be said from the particle energy in the substance, and must be a specific particles in some particular substances, there are two or more energy states, sometimes in high energy, exciting, sometimes Low energy, like two or three o’clock in the morning.

When the particles are relaxed from high energy into low energy, the loss of loss is radiated in the form of photons.

The light source such as an incandescent lamp is emitted by spontaneous radiation. The number of high energy particles after power is increased, and spontaneous radiation occurs very frequently.

This process is calledSpontaneous radiationIt should be easy to see here, which is not a laser, although it is also light, it is not a laser, anyway is not a laser.

Spontaneous radiation is very tone, if the laser photon is like the military parade in Tiananmen Square, the spontaneous radiation photon is like a group of dissembled wild dogs, there is no organization of discipline, and its occurs, sometimes Come, sometimes chaos.

Since the excitement particles will lose energy to be slight, then, will it be exciting to get energy through some approach? The answer is affirmative, similar to the radiation process, the low energy particles will keep the passenger passing the photons, seeing the right will "hijack", sweep the energy of the photons, used to rise to high energy This process is calledAttractive absorption.

In 1917, Einstein proposed an idea, high-energy particles, may also like to stare at the photons passing by, when there is a favorite photon road, high-energy particles will not keep them, but to release energy with it. Walk, like love. The original particles lose energy, from high energy changes to low energy, and the variation of energy will generate a superior photon with the passing photons, this process is calledExcited radiation.

Radiation is the core portion of the laser, which can be seen as light before and after the radiation is amplified, and the resulting photon is consistent with the frequency of the original photon, which is the so-called coherence.

The passed photons are two changes from one change, that is, light is enlarged. At this time, the primary school language foundation is keenly discovered that the radiation radiation is amplified. The keywords of this name have all appeared, but it is still calm. At this time, the light still cannot be called laser, and there are two important issues need Solved, it is spontaneously radiation and attachment absorption introduced by the front pad.

The first thing to overcome is attractive. If the particles of the high and low level are staring at the photons passing, it is difficult to ensure that the last thing is more hijacked or the photons that are released. And in fact, the low-level particles under natural conditions are more than high-level particles. Here, you need to join the first person-oriented intervention, that is, in a way, let the low-level particles run to the high energy level, let everyone Are exciting. At this time, there is a very Cooool name, calledParticle number inversionOrExcited state. The method of producing particle number inversion varies depending on the substance used for radiation to generate laser light, which may be energized, or light, in summary is a means of input energy.

When the excited radiation is much greater than the charge absorption, it can begin to face another mountain, spontaneous radiation. Spontaneous radiation is naturally occurring in high energy particles. In other words, there is a high energy particle, it may happen, let alone, it has raised the low energy particles to high energy, and the spontaneous radiation process is naturally stopped. So the idea of ??solving the problem is that if you want to make the radiation much greater than spontaneous radiation.

The method is to add two mirrors on both ends of the working substance of the particle number inversion state, one end is a full mirror, and the other end is a portion of the mirror, which is referred to as a resonant cavity. When the exciusal radiation occurs, the appropriate photons are repeatedly jumped between the two mirrors, multiple times, repeatedly generates electrical radiation, and continuously enhances the beam.

A portion of the mirror can be transmitted at any time, and as the radiation is contrast, the transmitted beam is constantly enhanced. Since the two-sided mirrors are located in a particular direction, there is no stable oscillating for the direction in which the direction is not suitable, so that we can see that the laser has a clear direction, which is also the result of the resonant cavity screening.

It can be seen that as long as the light in line with the requirements can form a stable shock in the cavity, it is constantly being large, which is why the laser has a clear direction, as the propagation direction does not meet the requirements of the required light is screened.

This is also the basic principle of laser, and we will be asked to remember the three major elements of laser when learning laser principles.Working substance (gain medium),Pump source (energy input),Cavity, Understand and understand this, it is also possible to understand how the laser is generated, and under this condition, it is possible to determine that many lights seen in life are not laser.

For example, when the sun is laser? This is definitely not, according to the above, the laser is not natural, the sun is emitted by nuclear gatherings, and it is not the result of the radiation radiation. This should be everyone’s consensus, there is nothing to say . Is this laser pen playing in a child? Is this a laser? This is also likely to be laser, exclude individuals to take ordinary light-emitting diode confused, many laser pens use things such as laser diodes, of course, cost is also very low, as laser, intensity, coherence, etc. It is also quoruting, after all, the use is different. Is the laser sword inside the Science Fiction Movie Star War? Although the laser cutting is now doing, let the laser only spread a certain distance, do not spread this, it can’t be done, the things in the movie can be called the telescopic diode, and it will be a light without this idea. The sword came out, the cost is not high.

I didn’t just say a bunch, this is the first time I know about it, this year’s international light days, because of the organizers of the event, I was asked to write an article about science laser. I want to revise the article, I want to revise it. I would like to revise it. Although I am related to major, it is not studying the laser, the understanding is limited. In the future, there will be some other interesting optical knowledge. Of course, it is mainly to science. Try to avoid too deep.

I hope that the people in this article are mainly some non-professional people, or undergraduates must learn laser principles, or they have not learned, and even have just read research, but even have no entry levels of laser principles. People, can qualify first, what is the principle of the laser, and then fill the flesh and blood to understand the laser or enter the research work, of course, the professionalism is also welcome to criticize. If the response or if there is any reaction, I will write some articles about fiber communication, Fourier optical, nonlinear optical, and so on.

Author: Fu Ye Lei Lei know