Century Haihang Help Yong’an Many students in the 2021 National Information Olympic League

In 2021, the National Information Learning Olympic League ended successfully, and the Fujian Computer Society recently released the recommended list of NOIP2021 Fujian Province. The six students in Yong’an First Middle School were standing out from the province’s more than 380 contestants and received the qualifications of the National Youth Information Olympic League (NOIP). The finalists are as follows:

In recent years, Yongan City actively responded to the national artificial intelligence development strategy deployment, and vigorously promoted programming in primary and secondary schools. In 2020, the first "Baidu Artificial Intelligence Experimental School and Artificial Intelligence Education Base" and "Artificial Intelligence Education Masters Studio" were set up, and artificial intelligence courses and training rooms were opened in 11 primary and secondary schools. Development Strategy Society Artificial Intelligence and Robot Emission "Artificial Intelligence Programming Area"; in 2021, with the formation of strategic cooperation with Xiamen Century Haihang, special training for programming education in the city’s information technology teachers, effectively improved artificial The information of the intelligent teacher team.

From July to October this year, Century Hiroshi’s way of lectured through the line is part of Yongan Yi Middle School Students Training, covering CSP-J training, CSP-S training, CSP initial simulation and CSP-S episode simulation. Finally, helping the five students in Yong’an successfully break through and get the qualifications of the National Youth Information Olympic League (NoIP).

The many students in Yong’an City finally received NOIP, but also the affirmation of Yong’an City in recent years in the field of artificial intelligence programming, is also affirmation of the strength of Haihang programming teaching, in the future, Century Hainan will strive to achieve quality education resources Education and teaching methods sharing sharing, continuous development, good, safeguarding education information development plan, to promote new height of artificial intelligence programming in Yong’an City.