Once used to China, I was angry with CCTV! Nowadays, the debt is 300 billion bankruptcy, what have it experienced?

Just months, the New Fang Zheng Group has quietly established, but with its newborn, it is the annihilation of the Founder Group.

Many young people may have never heard of the group, but you will always know Microsoft Ya black font. Because the font infringement is done, the Founder Group is called "Visual China" in the font circles. But it is a company that sounds not tuneful, but it was once our real technology giants.

It solves a problem that benefits all China to this day: let Chinese enter the information of information. In the 1970s, we were still using the lead word printing of the North Song Dynasty, and Wang was selected against a sufficient technical team, Peking University’s research and talent support, made the fourth-generation laser shot machine.

This kind of invention, let CCTV Angzhu: "As long as you read the book, you will be thankful, just like him, just like the electric light every day, thank you." Founded is therefore hopes to be sent to "China’s Light". In many people, it will be China’s Microsoft and Google.

However, it is the case where the development momentum is in the same way, and it has gradually saturated the laser drum market. It turned out directly. The Founder Group’s hand stretched into all walks of life, from securities, steel, pharmaceutical to real estate, finance, education, and forestry, not enough.

It gave up his fundamental technical advantages, adding fake swellings that quickly and mergers, and adding fast money in the expansion of the capital market, and ultimately they have been changed by capital, and they have to have their own life.

By 2020, Fang Zheng Group has a net loss of 3 billion, with a total liability of over 300 billion, officially announced that bankruptcy. The establishment of the new party is declared the fall of the old square group, which is awkward.

The same is similar to the early experience of national brands, Cool, and the Fang Zheng Group, but the result is quite opposite.

10 years ago, Cool sent one of the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers in China, relied on communication technology advantages and telecom operators, and mobile sales were once and Huaxing. Relevant data shows that 2012 cool market share is 11%. If you have used a cool mobile phone, you will be impressed.

The two years of "Zhonghua Cool" (ZTE, Huawei, Cool, Lenovo) occupied nearly half market share, and there was no two in the limelight. At the time of the cool peak, hold the world’s first dual card dual standby technology, the global sales rank first, pressed Samsung and Apple. When landing in the Hong Kong motherboard, Cool is once considered "China’s future blackberry".

Just as everyone is optimistic about cool, like Fang Zheng Group, Cool Pavilion also ushered in an unprecedented crisis – Jia Yueping League incident.

In 2016, LeTV, headed by Jia Yueping, has a total of HK $ 3.23 billion, and has become the largest shareholder of Cool. In this year, due to the sharp turnover of LeTV, the coolness was involved, missed the development opportunities at the time, and gradually fell out of the vision of consumers. Then Cool will transfer overseas, enter the communications market such as Europe and the United States, Japan.

But the same place with the Fang Zheng Group is that Cool sent to grasp its core technology. Understanding 2021, Cool Linux Kernel core branch code contribution has become a Chinese mobile phone brand TOP2, global ranking 33.

In 2021, the Renang Cool Pai finally returned to the voyage and announced the return to the Chinese market. The self-developed Coolos system equipped with the new machine cool COOL20 is praised by the mainstream media. Subsequently, the Cool sent in the international top venture capital fund SIG, completed the financing of 833 million yuan, followed by a senior team with Xiaomi’s important job background, and completed offline channels in the country. Expand – A1400 Cold Authorized Service Station.

On December 1st, the Cool New Machine Conference was held, thoroughly announced the recovery and return of this old national brand. At the press conference, I believe that the cool sent yourself will remember history and lamented that it is not easy.

The same is a completely different ending with national brands, cool and squares. The root cause is whether it can adhere to the initial heart, and the core technology is firmly grasped in his hand. The competition in Shanghai is fierce, and if the boat is not invested. Fang Zheng Group accounted for the other way and, from which point of view, it should be more opportunistic than Huawei, which is still selling switches in the same period, and also grow into today’s Chinese science and technology giants, not a bankruptcy. Financial companies, all of this is a real man. How do you see everything?