Intelligent calculation supply and demand + distribution, clearing sharing bicycle, upgrading Dongguan City Environment

In order to further enhance the environmental hygiene level, we will fully promote urban and rural environmental remediation, Dongguan introduced environmental health remediation to improve "hard ten" this year. Southern reporter learned from Harbin yesterday that in order to better respond to work, Harbin is fully upgraded to the vehicle operation and maintenance work in Dongguan, which is convenient for public travel to the public.

In September this year, Dongguan City has introduced environmental health remediation to improve the "hard ten", which makes clear provisions on the area, frequency, management of the city’s sanitation cleaning.

Harbin travel stated that in order to better cooperate with the competent department to do a sharing bicycle management, Harbin travel launched "0530 City Protection Action", clearly defined to respond within 5 minutes after receiving the notice of the supervision department, within 5 minutes, In 30 minutes, you will be transported in the designated place, and the Qing transportation is completed within 60 minutes.

According to reports, based on multi-dimensional data such as urban riding heat, weather, etc. More than 2,000 vehicles can be scheduled daily.

Written: Southern Reporter Mo Xiaodong

Editor: Mo Xiaodong

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