How to solve the mold silicone mucosa?

Our mold silica gel has two kinds of industrial grade condensation mold silica gel, the other is food grade addition silica gel, these two molds may have mucous membranes and difficult demolding during production of silica gel products. . When this problem occurs, it will affect production, and the efficiency of production is reduced. I believe that many mold silicone manufacturers are unwilling to see this happening. How can I solve the mold silicone mucosa difficult to release?

The following macro map silica gel introduces 2 silica gel molds to mold the molding method:

1. Surface treatment of mode: The surface should be treated with the surface before doing silicone mold products, such as coating is clean, this must be uniform with a cotton cloth). If it is a food grade with a resin mold, if it appears The condition of the sticky mode needs to be used with washing water.

2, spray release agent treatment: If you are worried that it will stick, it is jet the molding agent or brush the Vaseline to the mold, but the silicone gel is used to dry.

The above two methods are commonly used in silica gel mucosa, I hope to help you, there is a little need to remind the use of scrubbubbles and release agents to be appropriate, washing clean water, it needs to dry the mold Operation. If these two methods don’t have to analyze the specific questions, find out why their products will be resolved after the cause of the mucosa. Pay attention to our macro map to provide you with more mold silica glue problems.