I repursed the N time recommended, this is the most satisfying thing this year.

Good evening, welcome to her sister’s fashionable channel ~

The last month of her sister can be described as a blink of work, closing her eyes, dreaming is working, and sleeping in the office.

At first glance, the average daily worker is just nearly 11 hours.

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In fact, there are more than her sister, and now a lot of workers, almost half of the time is in the office, hard work.

These two days, her sister taking advantage of some free time, improving her own position environment.ComfortablefeelI am full of time, I feel comfortable and happy.Next, I will have a very practical workplace like a very practical workplace, let you have aHigh quality office environment~

Computer stand

Looking at it, her sister editing a small East West AfricaComputer standMo.

The computer bracket in the office is not worth a purpose:Reduce cervical pressureforce.

How old is the long-term Work of the Work on the spine, especially the damage of the cervical spine? I believe that her sister does not speak, every workman who works, works deeply:When the shoulder neck is born to the extreme, I can’t wait to pin the shoulder..

In fact, long-term, wrong sitting positions not only can’t stand your shoulder neck,Severe influence.

Even the beautiful gods such as Yang Mi are tilted before, and there is such a bad body of the hump, affecting temperament, not to mention ordinary people.

The Power Sister has also said that he has also said that he has not developed a good habit, some hunchbacks. Later, she was not a new height.

Containing chest, hunchback, headEven evenChestAt the time of peace, the mobile phone is closely related to the computer.

The sisters who read here are both silently chest?

In fact, the above problems, the money of a cup of milk tea, can buy a computer bracket to prevent it.


Reference price: ¥ 24

Her sister has a 20-piece computer bracket alreadyUse fast for 1 yearNot only6-speed height adjustable,and alsoOpen heat dissipationCutout design. 16-inch MacBook Pro can alsoSteadily.

In addition, it can be folded into a strip,It is convenient to accommodate. No problem with the cafe work at any time ~

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Table under the table

Winter, cold, feet, in the winter, is certainly not good at the office.

Although there is heating in the north, although there is heating, air conditioning, but the office space is too large, the temperature is not coming. And even if there is air conditioning, it does not affectColdfact.

The southern partners are more miserable, especially after the cliff type cooling, it is directly "cold blood."

In warmth, the "Jiajia" of the editorial department is most experienced. I was cold in the cold, and she moved out her early after the winter.Tape.

ConvincedHeat warmthThere are 4 faces under this table under Jiajia.All-round feet, calf, knee heating.


When other people in the office are frozen, the Jiajia’s roof artifact highlights its role. After lunch, you canWarm sleep a nap.

The most critical is that itNo noise. Many small partners with warm windows reflect the noise, and the skin will do. And this warm artifact will warmly warm your Jiojio and legs, there is no such defects.

Reference price: ¥ 54

And it has 2 gear, can be adjusted,Heat. Such a convenient artifact must be Amway to the world!

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Wireless fast charge artifact

Is it difficult to look at the work before her sister?

Beautiful question is not to mention, the light is almost overwhelming twice. Hazard coefficient max. And there are too many line devices, and the charging line is often not enough, and the mobile phone headset is really troublesome when there is no electricity.

Until her sister was protected from the "rabbit" from the editorial department.Unlimited snackIt is completely solved the data line problem.

Now on her sister’s desk, only needOne line can charge 4 devices, Clean and tidy too much!

Regarding the speed of charging, with her sister’s iPhone 12 as a reference, it will be full of 1 and a half hours ~

Comparison with iPhone 12 size, easy portability

While charging, it can also beMobile phone bracketWhether it is a horizontal screen or a vertical screen, it canCharging, watching the drama is incorrect.

Reference price: ¥ 129

If it is not Apple users, you can also choose to be compatible with different models of Android, Huawei, Samsung and other models.

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Desktop storage box

I want to make the office area clean and comfortable, and I can’t affirm it! Previously, her sister’s tea bag, coffee bag, small snack, standing medicine, aunt towel, eye drops, etc., the scattered table is.

Twenty pieces of small accommodation simply improved the office environment!


The capacity of this three-layer storage box bought by her sister is not bad. The top floor can also put some aromatherapy, hairdressing.

Put the most frequently tied coffee, tea bag in the top, generally use frequencies, cutting tools, etc., and the pharmaceuticals that are not used are placed at the bottom layer.

On top of it, you can put some common jewelry

soIt will greatly improve the efficiency of finding things.Also letDesktop is more neat.

Moreover, buying the storage also gives a super cute little sticker, it is too cute after it is posted, every time I see it feels that the mood is better ~

Reference price: ¥ 26.8

Constant temperature intelligent heating cup mat

Since the cooling of Beijing, her sister is ready to make a tea bag want to make tea! But in a few days, I found that the water is so cold, and I can’t drink it immediately.Want to have a warm water that is warm!

Until the small partner recommendedConstant temperature heating Cup,It is perfect to solve the problem of "drinking hot water"!

Milky milk, coffee, afternoon hot tea, it canOne-button heating,Constant temperature is kept at 55 degreesLet you drink enthusiasm all day.Do not exceed the size of the palmIt does not occupy it on the table.


Reference price: ¥ 55

And it’s not only when heating the cup mat! Sometimes I forgot to eat for a breakfast, and I have been cold when I think of it. However, the breakfast can be kept warm, but also heat the chestnuts, roast the sweet potato these small mouth, nor does it take to the tea bars and other microwaves.

butPlastic bags and cartons can not be heated directlyCan be placed in the lunch box!

The above is today’s workplace to share it ~ Make money is not easy, create a comfortable office environment to make more work. Her sister hopes that all sisters who struggle in the workplace can remember to take care of themselves ~