Not a ancestral treasure knife design: Samsung S22 accessories exposure

The current image flagship camera is getting more and more shocked. How to do it is really difficult, Samsung next-generation flagship S22 is not exposed soon, using "treasure knife" camera design, netizens straightTall tall.

Later, S22 Ultra’s real machine map was also exposed, and the camera did not use this integrated treasure knife design, but each lens, the flash is independently designed.

Recently, some of the Samsung S22’s partial accessories are exposed, such as mobile shells, tempered films, however, some mobile phone shells camera portions use this kind of treasure knife design, some people may have not seen the tri-machine, and received misleading of mobile phone shell design, think reallyThe machine camera is also like this.

If this is the case, the small partner who doesn’t like the treasure knife camera can be honest. [Dog Head] …