PIXEL 6 is safer than iPhone 12?

The latest report shows that Google Pixel 6 is safer than iPhone 12.

In September 2021, OMDIA researchers evaluated mobile equipment security, conducted investigations to 1520 smartphone users in 10 countries, including Apple, Google, Samsung and millet mobile phones. The results show that the Pixel 6 mobile phone running Android 12 is safer than the iPhone 12 running iOS 15.

? Identity protection

As the user’s most concerned security feature, Google Pixel 6 mobile phone has the highest score of identity protection because of the most identity options. Users can also choose one-time password, FIDO, push notification, etc., and Apple iPhone 12 is only dualistic certification. Apple iCloud is the largest of the industry is also the most successful double factor safety deployment example, Xiaomi and Samsung equipment also require users to register the corresponding account.

? Security update

Security updates are used to rate the time of security updates. Pixel 6 is also the highest, because Google mobile phone strictly provides five-year security update, although the iPhone does not give specific time, but general support time is 5 to 6 years. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra mobile phone provides a 4-year firmware update, Xiaomi provides two-year security update to all mobile phones, providing new devices for 4 years of security updates.

?cyber security

In the iPhone, both the web terminals and third-party applications may see the transmitted data during the data transfer process. However, from the Android 7 system, the third party APP on the Android device established a secure connection to the pre-installed certificate. Pixel is the only device that provides users with disabling 2G options because 2G security vulnerabilities are more than 3G, 4G, 5G.

Hardware security

These phones use different forms of hardware-based security. All mainstream Android devices use a trusted enforcement environment (TEE), which can be isolated from the operating system of the device to protect the sensitive data. Although there is no TEE in Apple devices, there are Secure Enclave Processors to protect and store sensitive information. The QUALCOMM SOC used by XIAOMI MI 11 5G has a security processing unit. Samsung S21 Ultra also has similar security processors and memory. The Tensor secure kernel of Pixel 6 fuses the new Titan M2 chip and trusted execution environment Tee.

? Anti-malware

Samsung, Google, Xiaomi equipment has built-in anti-malware solutions, which can protect and detect malware. Although Apple uses a shop, you can load an application outside the app store.

? Safety backup

The end-to-end encryption of the data that is backed up to the cloud can be implemented in the Pixel 6 phone. Data is encrypted during storage and transmission, even if Google does not access and decode. Millet and Apple devices have different levels of encryption, but it is impossible to ensure that the cloud service provider cannot access backup data. End-to-end encryption of Apple-sensitive information is only available for dualistic authentication.

? Lost equipment

Each vendor provides information based on web-based tools to locate, trigger, locked, and clears information about theft device. But only Google and Apple have developed a corresponding mobile app. Xiaomi also provides an optional feature that is positioned by mobile phones, but only Google’s Find My Device App is downloaded separately.

Physical access control

All participating equipment provides different types of biological access control, including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and the like. Most equipment vendors provide temporary ban biometric options, but Xiaomi MIUI 12 system no longer provides this option.

? Anti-fishing protection

The anti-fishing protection function is seen by consumers as a very important mobile phone security feature. Google’s Messaging App requires users to apply spam protection features, which is closed by default. If this feature is not turned on, SMS fishing attempts will not be marked. Similarly, in the millet MI browser, there is no warning after the fishing link is clicked. The enhanced anti-fishing protection function of the Chrome browser is not open by default, and users can enhance security protection by using Google App. Apple iPhone 12 can detect phishing attacks in the Safari browser, and the device has a function of intercepting harassment phones. Use Google Safety Browse (Safe Browsing) can detect fishing and malware URLs. In the Pixel device running Android 12, there is an additional anti-fishing detection, and suspicious news in the third-party message app, the user will receive a warning message.

Reference and Source: https: //omdia.tech.informa.com/commissioned-RESECH/Articles/omdia-consumer-mobile-security-scorecard