.NET CRANK Performance Test Getting Started

Crank is a Microsoft’s new performance test framework, integrating a variety of reference test tools, such as Bombardier, WRK, etc.

Crank can be converted into different benchmark test tool commands through a unified configuration.Refer to Bombardier Job implementation.

Install CRANK

Run the following two commands separately install Crand’s CLI (Controller) and Agent.

DOTNET TOOL Update Microsoft.crank.Controller –Version "0.2.0- *" – GLOBAL

DOTNET TOOL Update Microsoft.crank.Agent – Version "0.2.0- *" – Global

Need .NET SDK 5.0 Environment

Need .NET SDK 5.0 Environment

After the installation is complete, execute the command crank, you will print the parameters and descriptions that can be configured as follows, or GitHub View related parameters.

PS C:\Users\Stack\Desktop> crank

Crank Benchmarks Controller

The Crank Controller Orchestrates Benchmark Jobs Oncrank Agents.

Usage: crank [command] [options]


-? | -h | –help show help information

-c | –Config Configuration File or URL


-J | –Job Name of Job To Define

–Profile Profile Name

– Execute a named available in the configuration files. Can be used multiple

-j | –json saves the results as json in the specified file.

–CSV SAVES The Results AS CSV in The Specified File.

–compare an optional filename to compare the results to. can be used Multiple Times.

–Variable variable

–SQL Connection String of The SQL Server Database to Store Results in

–Table Table Name of the SQL Database to Store Results in

–Session a logical identifier to group relatyd jobs.

– Deion a string describing the job.

-p | –property Some Custom Key / Value That Will Be Added To The Results, .e.g. –Property Arch=ARM –Property


Execute a CRANK-Agent to start the proxy service required for the benchmark test. GitHub View related parameters introduction.

PSC:\Users\Stack\Desktop> crank-agent

Hostingenvironment: Production

Contentroot path: C:\Users\Stack\.dotnet ools\.store\microsoft.crank.agent\ 0. 2. 0-alpha. 21567. 1\microsoft.crank.agent\ 0. 2. 0-alpha. 21567. 1 ools
et 5. 0\any\

Nowlistening On: http: // [::]: 5010

Create a CRANK profile

Configuration file reference official Hello.benchmarks.yml example

Bombardier.yml is introduced in the sample file. Because the large environment is not very friendly to the GitHubuserContent.com domain name, you can consider downloading Bombardier.yml to your local, imports introduces local paths or directly add file content to the new configuration file.


-https: //raw.githubuserContent.com/dotNet/crank/main/src/microsoft.crank.jobs.bombardier/bombardier.yml

The use of recommended IMPORTS files in production, and a small amount of configuration can be completed in the CRANK configuration file to complete the reference test, and different microsoft.crank.jobs.xxx/xxx.yml can be introduced, based on different benchmark test tools.

Other test tool profiles are under https://github.com/dotnet/crank/blob/main/src/microsoft.crank.xxx.


None: ”

Plaintext: ‘- header "Accept: Text / Plain, Text / HTML; Q=0.9, Application / XHTML + XML; Q=0.9, Application / XML; Q=0.8, **; Q=0.8" – HEADER " CONNECTION: Keep-alive "’

Json: ‘- header "Accept: Application / JSON, TEXT / HTML; Q=0.9, Application / XHTML + XML; Q=0.9, Application / XML; Q=0.8, * / *; Q=0.7" – HEADER "Connection: Keep-alive" ‘

ConnectionClose: ‘- Header "Connection: Close"’

PresetHeaders: None



Repository: https://github.com/dotnet/crank.git

BranchorCommit: main

Project: src / microsoft.crank.jobs.bombardier / microsoft.crank.jobs.bombardier.csproj

SourceKey: Bombardier

Nobuild: True

ReadyStateText: BombardierClient


Connections: 256 # Set the number of connections

WARMUP: 15 # Set the test preheating

DURATION: 15 # Set the test time

Requests: 0 # Set the number of test request instances

Rate: 0 # Sets the request frequency per second

Transport: fasthttp # | http1 | HTTP2 Settings to send HTTP requests with golang’s fashttp library

Serverscheme: http

ServerAddress: Localhost

Serverport: 5000


Bodyfile: # Path or Url for a file to use as the body content

VERB: # get when nothing isoti

CustomHeaders: # list of headers with the format: ‘<name1>: <value1>’, E.g. [‘Content-Type: Application / Json’]

Arguments: "- c {{connection}} – w {{duration}} – n {{requests}} – {{requests}} – INSECURE -L {% if rate!=0%} –rate {{{{{ {% ENDIF%} {% ENDIF%} {{{transport}} {{{%}} {{headers [presetHeaders]}} {% for h in customeraders%} {% assign s=h | split : ‘:’%} – header "{{s [0]}}: {{s [1] | Strip}}" {% endfor} {% if serveruri==blank or serveruri==EMPTY%} { {serverscheme}}: // {{serveraddress}}: {{serverport}} {{path}} {{{{}} {{{}}} {{{}}} {{path}}} {{path}}} { % IF BodyFile!=Blank and bodyfile!=EMPTY%} -f {{% ENDIF%}} {% IF%} {% {%}=blank and verb!=EMPTY%} -m {{verb}} {% ENDIF% "


# – job.timeout=Number (job.variables.duration) + Number (Job.Variables.warmup) + 10;


Source: # Specify the item you need to test, this article uses the local path directly

LocalFolder :.

Project: crank_demo.csproj

ReadyStateText: ApplicationStarted.

# Source: Specify the remote warehouse address of the test item and specify branch via BranchorCommit

# repository: https://github.com/dotnet/crank

# branchorcommit: main

# Project: Samples / Hello / Hello.csproj

# ieStateText: Application Started.

Scenarios: # Configure the reference test scene

CRANK_DEMO: # Defines the scheme name and specifies the name when executing the crank command.


Job: Bombardier # Specify Test Tool Bombardier



-http: // localhost: 5010

Start CRANK-Agent

After starting the agent, execute CRANK, there will be an action of installing SDK as follows

[09: 29: 05.261] Runtime: 6.0.0 (CURRENT)

[09: 29: 05.262] SDK: 6.0.100 (CURRENT)

[09: 29: 05.263] ASP.NET: 6.0.0 (Current)


[09: 29: 05.266] Desktop: 6.0.0 (CURRENT)

[09: 29: 05.266] Installingsdk’6.0.100 ‘…

So get a DotNetHome parameter plus the Agent to avoid repeating the SDK.

crank-agent –dotnethome ‘C:\Program Files\dotnet’

启动Crank crank — config.\demo. benchmarks.yml — scenario crank_demo –profile local

–SCENARIO CRANK_DEMO: Specifies the defined test scenario

–Profile Local: Set the output result to the local, namely the console output

You can output to a local JSON file (-output results.json) or database by parameter designation results (–SQL [Connection-String] –Table [Table-Name])

You can output to a local JSON file (-output results.json) or database by parameter designation results (–SQL [Connection-String] –Table [Table-Name])

Here, the log output during the compaction is omitted, and the results are listed directly.

| Application ||

| | | | |

| CPU usage (%) | 56 |

| CORES USAGE (%) | 447 |

| Working Set (MB) | 140 |

| Private Memory (MB) | 157 |

| Build Time (MS) | 7, 232 |

| START TIME (MS) | 501 |

Published Size (KB) | 91, 292 |

| .NET CORE SDK VERSION | 6.0.100 |


| .NET RUNTIME VERSION | 6.0.0 + 4822E3C |

| LOAD ||

| | | | |

| CPU usage (%) | 46 |

| Cores Usage (%) | 370 |

| Working Set (MB) | 29 |

Private Memory (MB) | 30 |

| Build Time (MS) | 11, 891 |

| Start Time (MS) | 226 |

Published Size (KB) | 68, 228 |

| .NET CORE SDK VERSION | 3.1.415 |

| ASP.NET CORE VERSION | 3.1. 21+ 458D974 |

| .NET Runtime Version | 3.1.21 + DF8ABC0 |

| First Request (MS) | 185 |

| Requests | 912,005 |

| Bad Response | 0 |

| Mean Latency (US) | 4,207 |

| Max Latency (US) | 138, 999 |


Crank readme: https://github.com/dotnet/crank/blob/main/docs/readme.md

Benchmarks Crank Refactoring the Benchmarks

Sample code: https://github.com/mayuecif/crank_demo

Once used to China, I was angry with CCTV! Nowadays, the debt is 300 billion bankruptcy, what have it experienced?

Just months, the New Fang Zheng Group has quietly established, but with its newborn, it is the annihilation of the Founder Group.

Many young people may have never heard of the group, but you will always know Microsoft Ya black font. Because the font infringement is done, the Founder Group is called "Visual China" in the font circles. But it is a company that sounds not tuneful, but it was once our real technology giants.

It solves a problem that benefits all China to this day: let Chinese enter the information of information. In the 1970s, we were still using the lead word printing of the North Song Dynasty, and Wang was selected against a sufficient technical team, Peking University’s research and talent support, made the fourth-generation laser shot machine.

This kind of invention, let CCTV Angzhu: "As long as you read the book, you will be thankful, just like him, just like the electric light every day, thank you." Founded is therefore hopes to be sent to "China’s Light". In many people, it will be China’s Microsoft and Google.

However, it is the case where the development momentum is in the same way, and it has gradually saturated the laser drum market. It turned out directly. The Founder Group’s hand stretched into all walks of life, from securities, steel, pharmaceutical to real estate, finance, education, and forestry, not enough.

It gave up his fundamental technical advantages, adding fake swellings that quickly and mergers, and adding fast money in the expansion of the capital market, and ultimately they have been changed by capital, and they have to have their own life.

By 2020, Fang Zheng Group has a net loss of 3 billion, with a total liability of over 300 billion, officially announced that bankruptcy. The establishment of the new party is declared the fall of the old square group, which is awkward.

The same is similar to the early experience of national brands, Cool, and the Fang Zheng Group, but the result is quite opposite.

10 years ago, Cool sent one of the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers in China, relied on communication technology advantages and telecom operators, and mobile sales were once and Huaxing. Relevant data shows that 2012 cool market share is 11%. If you have used a cool mobile phone, you will be impressed.

The two years of "Zhonghua Cool" (ZTE, Huawei, Cool, Lenovo) occupied nearly half market share, and there was no two in the limelight. At the time of the cool peak, hold the world’s first dual card dual standby technology, the global sales rank first, pressed Samsung and Apple. When landing in the Hong Kong motherboard, Cool is once considered "China’s future blackberry".

Just as everyone is optimistic about cool, like Fang Zheng Group, Cool Pavilion also ushered in an unprecedented crisis – Jia Yueping League incident.

In 2016, LeTV, headed by Jia Yueping, has a total of HK $ 3.23 billion, and has become the largest shareholder of Cool. In this year, due to the sharp turnover of LeTV, the coolness was involved, missed the development opportunities at the time, and gradually fell out of the vision of consumers. Then Cool will transfer overseas, enter the communications market such as Europe and the United States, Japan.

But the same place with the Fang Zheng Group is that Cool sent to grasp its core technology. Understanding 2021, Cool Linux Kernel core branch code contribution has become a Chinese mobile phone brand TOP2, global ranking 33.

In 2021, the Renang Cool Pai finally returned to the voyage and announced the return to the Chinese market. The self-developed Coolos system equipped with the new machine cool COOL20 is praised by the mainstream media. Subsequently, the Cool sent in the international top venture capital fund SIG, completed the financing of 833 million yuan, followed by a senior team with Xiaomi’s important job background, and completed offline channels in the country. Expand – A1400 Cold Authorized Service Station.

On December 1st, the Cool New Machine Conference was held, thoroughly announced the recovery and return of this old national brand. At the press conference, I believe that the cool sent yourself will remember history and lamented that it is not easy.

The same is a completely different ending with national brands, cool and squares. The root cause is whether it can adhere to the initial heart, and the core technology is firmly grasped in his hand. The competition in Shanghai is fierce, and if the boat is not invested. Fang Zheng Group accounted for the other way and, from which point of view, it should be more opportunistic than Huawei, which is still selling switches in the same period, and also grow into today’s Chinese science and technology giants, not a bankruptcy. Financial companies, all of this is a real man. How do you see everything?

Another electricity supplier dark horse down! After 85 boss 60 million in debt on foot, was hailed as the next Qiang East

Like any human world as a field, the business community rise or fall, sometimes changing, the slightest help people.

Seeing 2021 will come to an end, but still as Babe Group as evidence of years, and no resurrection.

November 17, a man named "Lucky Koi Little Prince" of users in shellfish shop APP microblogging complaints Babe Group’s operations, said the software without human customer service still can not log out after operation, the account balance is cleared.

More than anger, the users also CA 12315 official blog. I wonder if he is really ill-informed to this message, or simply to vent their dissatisfaction, in fact, he encountered problems simply can not be solved.

As we all know, Tony had no employees in the APP store operations, not only that, the whole group babe, and now have disappeared, founder as early as August of this year the volume of money on foot, until now, the outside world have no news of him.

Since the second half of this year, many companies have exposed the foot of the founder of the message, before abx Xie Long, founder of English language training institutions to bring fiscal Yuandun, after the Babe’s founder Zhang Lianglun disappeared.

As we all know, Jerome foot is largely due to the Education and Training industry suffered heavy losses this year, may Zhang Lianglun why is it on foot?

If the time back a year, people can not see anyway babe group of building the dump.

This was founded in June 30, 2017 of "young company", with its vitality, development and growth in just a few years.

According to statistics, Babe Group had spent less than one hundred days, a record-breaking sales of a million records in its uphill walk of those years, such as "sold 8 million tons paper towels one day," " one day sell 140 grapefruit, "and so forth gimmick, but boarded the Chinese mobile Internet growth in the first list APP, we have made a very successful results.

In 2020 the country mired in epidemic prevention babe Group first time donated supplies to the medical staff, I set a good corporate image, also claimed successfully reversed the situation of poor sales of agricultural products, the use of online help with a cargo across the country open up the market for agricultural products.

How will 60 million debt overnight liar even been accused of it?

In August 2020, Tony shop "mine explosion" of news, many businesses find that their money could not be settled properly, children will fall from all over the country arrived in Hangzhou, stuck in Beibei Group Headquarters wanted an explanation, we chickens a mouth a duck mouth speak different local dialects, but only one common aspiration: money!

This is comparable to migrant workers collective account of this scene is enough to make everyone shocked, I did not expect more outrageous things yet to come.

Group founder Babe seeing this, he just refused to come out on foot directly to the people an explanation, dropped the huge group leave Cleveland, indeed, grateful merchants resented teeth itch.

Want to know the whole story babe group from birth to death, a man would have to mention, he is Zhang Lianglun – the founder of Babe Group.

And this young babe Group companies, its founder is also a 80, regarded as a new era of young entrepreneurs.

In 1985, Zhang Lianglun born in Sichuan, China, he grew up in the background under the reform and opening up, from small business sector has witnessed countless myths from scratch, also witnessed the rise of China’s electronic business platform.

Zhang Lianglun academic excellence, his 5-year-old started school graduate that year, just 23 years old.

After graduating high school student at Jilin University communication engineering, recommended for admission to college after graduating from Huazhong University of Science to continue their studies. While all the way to school, but in fact Zhang Lianglun business from the beginning has been a college campus.

Jilin University campus, Zhang Lianglun is known for the digital products agents, in order to save leaflets bring human losses, he made a simple website, their eleven of our products go on display for students to choose.

Zhang Lianglun did not start to focus on Internet business, he had done cram for postgraduate business groups, every day after school, he and his girlfriend with a bunch of small ads and paste barrels, each went to school bulletin boards, utility poles post, Mr Yu’s style great year.

With the understanding of the deeper communication engineering, Zhang Lianglun the more determined he does not like this profession, but rather interest in electricity providers, search engines, websites and other strong, so at the undergraduate level, he was a minor in business administration.

After graduation, Zhang Lianglun first into Alibaba work, he wanted to be called in this legendary company learned something of interest.

Inside Ali, Zhang Lianglun responsible for the relevant work Alibaba Wang Pu product lines, he was very clear that he is going to leave one day Ali platform, then also this time inside of Ali, he must figure out their business as soon as possible planning.

In 2011, Zhang Lianglun after careful consideration, decided to "rebate" as their business base point, though many people are not optimistic about this business, but he believes the rebate shopping guide from the field of money relatively recent, profit model is relatively clear, but there is still much room for improvement, if good personal gain, not necessarily a way to money.

Since then, Zhang Lianglun first founded meters fold network, which is backed by a rebate Ali website, by charging a sales commission rebate harvested commission merchant, returned to a part of the user, as part of income.

Although it is a small site, but as Zhang Lianglun said, this is money from the nearest links, plus Ali such a big platform, only 2011 double eleven day, give Taobao merchants who brought more than 50 million in sales in one fell swoop fame in the industry.

Later, Mi Refrigeration was given up by Zhang Lilun. In 2014, he founded Beibei.com and entered the maternal and child market. In this field, he met his Bole Xu Xin.

This woman who has a very powerful investment, looks at Zhang Lilun’s potential, she feels that in Zhang Lilun’s body, there is a very unique hard work. When watching him, Xu Xin thought about Liu Qiangdong.

Xu Xin, who thought of his eyes, refused to let such a very potential young man, soon, she decided to invest huge funds to Zhang Lilun’s Beibei net in the following year.

In 2015, the capital, New Treaso capital led by today, Combec.com completed the financing of Cere of 100 million US dollars.

In 2017, Zhang Lilun officially created the Beibei Group, launched the "Bayian App", this mobile phone app "is" everyone can open the store "as the concept, providing users with a platform to open the store, in all, is a free Mobile phone shop app.

After the Bayou launched, it grew up in just a few years to grow an e-commerce. In less than a year, Bayou won the title of "The fastest black horse app", the following year, the "one county and one product" plans to be "CCTV Finance" column, becoming the example of major e-commerce.

Bayou has created a good result of 100 million single-quarter sales. The peak moment of Bayou’s development in 2019. The total amount of its users exceeded 50 million.

From 2017 to 2019, Bei Shi received countless, in the eyes of the eyes, this is the new unicorn business.

This is the little peak of Zhang Lilun’s career, but standing in the peak of that year, he probably did not think that such a scenery will be destined in 2021.


A epidemic, affected the society of all walks of life, and the Beibei Group is also one of them.

After the Zhang Lilun running, the financial situation of the media replicate Beibei Group, in fact, in March 2020, the Beibei Group has begun to lay off a large quantity, and the number of people has more than 500 people.

Then, some merchants found that they did not pay on time in the shop of Bayou, but because the Bayou itself gave each business knocked time is inconsistent, this small range of unfamed incidents did not have the first time Cause everyone’s attention.

In fact, from 2019, there have been a business that the payment of Beige will be disordered. It used to be a 50-day decline in thunder, but it can be started from the second half of 2019, and the payment time began to become irregular. Follow.

When I gave a decline in May 2020, the Bayi customer service given the website in maintenance, the system has problems, but the next month, the payment is still unable to settle on time, which makes many business dumbs to eat Huang Lian – Quality Not.

Based on the trust in the Bayi, it is also based on the seasonal field when the Baybei Group is attended. Many merchants have chosen to wait. I didn’t expect this, I waited for the babe group layoff, arrears.

In August, the merchants also couldn’t sit again, assembled to the Bay Group Headquarters, raised the banner of the banner, shouting the slogan of the slogan, requiring Zhang Lianglun to give a statement.

I didn’t expect Zhang Lianglun without an appearance – running. Things have developed here, no longer an ordinary arrears, the merchants say that they are most disgusting is not arrears, but they can’t find people at all.

According to the "览 商业" report, Beibei Group has strengthened social e-commerce in 2020 regulators. The past multi-level distribution model is restricted, sales will begin to break the cliff, the monthly sales is only 5 million yuan, There are few more than one-third of the peak period in the past.

Based on this situation, Zhang Lilun has all the hope of cash back to the newly developed project in 2020 – Ximei.

This is a project for female groups, mainly to do female cosmetics, in order to do it, Zhang Lilun put into this top, do not hesitate to manure and material, it can be said that the entire Beibei Group is doing this project at the time.

When the media interviewed those who came to defend rights, they also mentioned this project, some said that in the eyes of the outside, the trend of Beibei Group, just like it is not done, don’t miss it. Ximei.

However, the Beibei Group did not pick up because of the launch of Ximei, but the word of mouth fell.

The "rebate" model is not as red as it just came out today, and the "everyone can open the store" Bayou, which is not completely free.

Every business business is enforced by the platform to consume at least what extent, and each single transaction can be achieved. There are very few commissions. This set of rebate distribution is found by people, Bayi and Ximei want It is not so easy to continue "circle" without burden.

Obviously, Si Mei finally did not give Zhang Lianglun’s rich return, but it became the last straw that was pulling the camel.

Its failure, let the Bay Group’s cash chains, according to the online Babe Group’s money, the Payré Group owes more than 600 merchants, only in the form, the amount has Up to 6 million.

Until August, the Government asked the Beibei Group to send a person in charge to handle the arrears. Zhang Lianglun still did not appear, and this disappeared, it had disappeared for more than three months, and there was no news.

In 2021, it was called "e-commerce agers". Many e-commerce platforms are "dead" in different levels. In the end, Bayi’s explosion is only a part of it.

The world is all the benefits, and the world is good. For business people, making money is the first estere, but as a businessman with a conscience, it will make money in the money, will also consider the interests of others.

Like Zhang Lilun’s moment, a businessman who has been in the event of a long time, and it is probably that countless "creditar" fled after him, it is enough to be permanently nailed in the shame.

It seems that even if there are countless investment success experience, Xu Xin is still in Zhang Lilun, turned the car here: Want to do the next Liu Qiangdong? At least now, this prediction is failed.

Tarban users encounter back thorn? Huawei Matebook E is sold, 5899 yuan two in one more

This year, the panel is estimated to be more than a lot of people’s imagination, and even some brands that have not been panel are also involved. Is the tablet really become a productive tool? In fact, regardless of Apple Tablets or many Android brands, it is almost meant. Wintel is the unrequited alliance in the field of productivity. Now it is estimated that some users who buy tablets will regret it, because Huawei Matebook E two products are sold, it seems that this is the product we want.

Huawei’s previous generation Matebook E product is still two years ago, and the above-in-one product is a real ARM tablet, with ARM customteral Windows 10 system, and there is not too much advantage. But now, Huawei’s new replacement products use Core i5-1130G7 processor, and I7 options, entry-level configuration is 8GB memory + 256GB combination, with keyboard case, if you want mainstream, you can choose 16GB + 512GB, it is both a flat, or it can be used as a notebook.

Huawei Matebook E This product is X86 two-in-one tablet. In fact, the evaluation of the monarch has experienced before listed, and the product is very smooth. It seems that it seems that the original Microsoft is so layout. In terms of performance, 11 generations of cool Rui is enough for daily office, and there is no noise in the experience, and the heat is almost similar to ordinary tablets, but because it is the X86 platform, with the handwritten pen and keyboard protective cover can instantly change back to notebook form It is also very practical.

Huawei Matebook E uses a 12.6-inch OLED screen that supports DCI-P3 color gamut. The maximum brightness has reached 600nits. The aspect ratio is 16:10, and the resolution is 2560 × 1600. This screen can bring a very good picture of the daily office or audio and video entertainment. The entire flat host has only 7.99mm thick, and only 709 grams of weight is also used as a flattening. The external keyboard has a touchpad and a smart voice button as an additional input device, and NFC can support multi-screen coordinating, which is all available.

In addition, this tablet is also equipped with Huawei M-Pencil handwritten pen, due to a separate Bluetooth channel connection, the lowest delay is only 2ms, the writing experience is very good, and global control is also supported. The flat panel also joined Huawei mobile application engines, which can run a lot of mobile apps directly, which also makes this flat-compatibility better. If it is not severely used, it can even replace the light and become a office platform.

As for the price, the current Huawei Matebook E series tablet started 5899 yuan started, Core i5-1130G7, 16GB memory, 512GB SSD This kind of access to the tablet and notebook is 6899 yuan, the higher-end Core i7 version is 7899 yuan. In fact, the first two gears are more good choices. After all, a product can be solved in the same time, and the price is only a little more expensive than the high-end tablet. I believe it is acceptable. It is estimated that many small partners who bought tablets may give priority to this product, can only say that Huawei is too sudden, no one wants.

Not a ancestral treasure knife design: Samsung S22 accessories exposure

The current image flagship camera is getting more and more shocked. How to do it is really difficult, Samsung next-generation flagship S22 is not exposed soon, using "treasure knife" camera design, netizens straightTall tall.

Later, S22 Ultra’s real machine map was also exposed, and the camera did not use this integrated treasure knife design, but each lens, the flash is independently designed.

Recently, some of the Samsung S22’s partial accessories are exposed, such as mobile shells, tempered films, however, some mobile phone shells camera portions use this kind of treasure knife design, some people may have not seen the tri-machine, and received misleading of mobile phone shell design, think reallyThe machine camera is also like this.

If this is the case, the small partner who doesn’t like the treasure knife camera can be honest. [Dog Head] …

In this way, it is difficult to change the user.

The traffic comes in, if there is no conversion, the operator’s drawn work may be considered meaningless.

Transformation has always been a topic that operators concerned. How to develop an operational strategy for lifting conversion rates, inevitably inseparable from new discoveries and new insights after data analysis.

This article will introduce the basic logic and processes of transformation analysis, and share common conversion analysis methods and precautions, hoping to help operators quickly find ways to effectively improve conversion rate.

1 first point

ENGAGEMENT LOOP model product objectives

Before the conversion analysis, our heart must have a clear product goal, which will not be blindly analyzed. Product goals need to be closely related to business, so that follow-up analysis is targeted, and can help operators guide business practices. So let’s talk about how to set a reasonable product goal.

1.1 Knowing the ENGAGEMENT LOOP model

There is no target analysis, even if the problem is discovered, it is difficult to really help the product growth. Therefore, clarify the product goal is the premise of all analysis.

The following figure shows the engagement loop model, which is divided into five interconnected and cyclic phases according to the extent of user experience products. With this model, we can unclear your own business and determine the business goals and practice directions in each stage.

The five phases in the Engagement Loop model, whether it is C-terminal products or B-end products, is basically applicable:

  • The first phase, Curiosity (cause interest)

In this stage, users have a preliminary understanding of the product to produce certain interests. Through old users share, advertising, etc., if you can successfully wake up the user’s interest, you will reach the first phase of the first phase of the user to drain the user.

If a user successfully downloads or registers the product in the floor page, and completed the first start or experience, then he translates to the second phase of the participating loop.

  • The second stage, A-ha monent (merit time)

This word was originally a pleasant experience in thinking about thinking in psychology, which is equivalent to the "Mourning Open" we often say. In the product design, it refers to the moment when the user knows the product value at the beginning of the product. The product needs to bring a good experience to the user, and strive to pass your core ideas and value in a short time.

In product design, the shorter time interval from Curiosity to the A-HA Monent transformation is, the better. Because the entire transformation process is like downloading a large-capacity file, the user does not want to be caught in the middle. Help users recognize the "coolness" of the product as soon as possible, for subsequent transformation and rescue help very much.

However, different types of products require specific analysis, and the time conversion to the A-HA Monent cannot be generalized. Take the easy-to-see example as an example, the entire transformation path of B-terminal products is relatively long, and the user is initially understood from the official website, selecting the white paper or public class registered to download and interested interest, only the first phase. Later, the user experienced Demo in the official website, and then applied the product to its own business, creating an analysis and optimizing the operation process using the analysis results, and take a long time to experience the core value of the product.

But compare some social or e-commerce C-terminal products, the transformation of A-HA Monent is relatively faster. Users have added a few friends chat interaction, or in the App home page browse to the favorite item, often understand the interests of the product’s core functions.

  • The third phase, Value Exchange (Value Exchange)

After the value of the user’s approved product, we hope that the user has a certain cost exchange with us, which can be money (for example, the user is in the e-commerce platform), or it can be time, attention, data, etc.

  • The fourth stage, TRIGGER (trigger mechanism)

In order to realize the value exchange of the third phase, we tend to design many so-called triggers in the product, such as membership level, continuous sign-in reward; simultaneous manufacture, such as price cuts, distribution coupons.

The third stage and the fourth stage are the process of reciprocating, we need a complete operation action to increase the user’s viscosity of the product and precipitate the user.

  • The fifth stage, Social Proof (social identity)

Can you get the user’s universal agreement and recommendation, is the standard for testing whether the product is clearance overall. Especially in today’s highly information society, search and see other users have a very convenient evaluation of the product, and the social attributes of the product become more important.

Therefore, the setting of the target should be a stepped, different steps of the target, can correspond to the different phases of the user. Although the method of setting the goal is thousands of, the principle of setting the target is common:

  1. Confirm what the value is provided;

  2. Since the top and then set, first determine the goals you have to achieve, then extend down;

  3. The number of users who monitor each ladder target increases the ladder when the gap is too large.

  4. The ladder target is not updated regularly.

1.2 Twitter’s ladder transformation goal

Take Twitter as an example to see how the ladder target in its conversion analysis is established. The picture below shows the early days of 2010, and its product team has a seven step transformation goals set by users based on the extent to which the TWITTER uses Twitter, which is from a novice user to grow into a mature user.

In the first phase, the product has roughly understanding and impressive, the second, three-stage allows the user to experience Twitter as a social media core browsing content, if the user has fun in the browsing content, experience the so-called A-HA Monent The follow-up will enter the value exchange phase.

The user spends time and traffic, downloading the app to the mobile phone to exchange a more comfortable experience. Next, users may experience a variety of functions in Twitter, participate in content production, and even establish a social contact with other users.

As mentioned above, the basic principle of setting the ladder target, a good ladder goal must be updated in a timely manner according to the actual situation. Twitter has developed to the present, and its ladder goals have also changed a lot. Most importantly, the goal should be matched to the current product situation, clear and operability, and can guide subsequent transformation.

After obtaining such a ladder goal, subsequent transformation analysis is to serve the goal.


Complete conversion analysis process

In terms of transformation analysis, we need to monitor data between steps. From any ladder, it can be used for conversion analysis vertical or laterally.

The following is a transformation of A-HA Monent’s stage to the example, and explain how to conduct a complete conversion analysis process.

2.1 Conversion analysis of vertical direction

  • Conversion analysis node control

The conversion analysis of the longitudinal direction requires understanding and controlling the overall business conversion. Before analysis, all nodes to the A-HA Monent are needed, and the conversion funnel is created according to the node to determine the conversion cycle.

Take a look at the key node of the product to the A-HA Monent with easy view. (Note: The following data is virtual)

The first step, the user visits the official website of easy viewing boat; the second step, the user is completed in the official website, the form provided by the registration can get the basic information of the user authorization; the third step, the user actively integrated the SDK of the easy-to-seek Ark (Note: SDK is Software Development Kit, Software Development Kit), enables easy-to-see a boat to collect data to help users conduct several analysis; fourth steps, use easy view to customize the creation analysis model.

The selected node is relatively important in the conversion path core events. After the determination node, then select a suitable conversion cycle. Conversion is a conversion funnel period duration interval from the first step to the last step experienced.

In the above case, if the conversion period to seven days, while the user from accessing the official website to create an analysis after 10 days, this is actually not successful conversion, because the conversion period has exceeded long.

Face different products, we need to plan the appropriate conversion path, find a suitable period, the resulting data interpretation it may be accurate. On the basis of this step on, in order to more deeply understand the business, we will continue to increase in dimensions, broken down to work.

  • Conversion analysis is further broken down

In order to be able to analyze the conversion instructional strategies to optimize operations, we will increase the dimensions in the conversion analysis, detailed look at the case of the conversion of certain types or features. The figure below shows comparison of telephone communication as a conversion effect variables, we will find a telephone communication conversion rate will be higher.

According to this line of thinking, we will be able to be broken down by user demographics region, gender, age, etc., will be able to see a difference between conversions for different users. We should make every effort to ensure that users want services product design, overlap with the fastest population transformation.

Taking a white-collar crowd for social networking products, for example, after creating analysis by Analysys found the Ark, because some users accustomed to the operation and consistent product design, in a short time was a good experience, the conversion rate is high. Further analysis found that white-collar workers in the label of the overall user population in the conversion rate is not ideal, but a higher conversion rate of student users.

At this time there is a problem need to be adjusted, may be wrong in the design plan of the core values ??of product features, price of the product positioning, product concept or transfer mode.

In addition segmented by demographic characteristics, we can also through a variety of segments dimensions, such as the impact telephone communication, advertising and other marketing methods for the conversion of the user.

Thus, you can find the best way to improve the conversion of the target user group assigned to this channel for more budget. This is our vertical dismantling accordance with the objectives and breakdown of the purpose is to find the essence of the problems that affect conversion rates.

2.2 Analysis of lateral conversion

Lateral conversion conversion path analysis means in the longitudinal direction, we need to expand the key for each node.

In the transformation analysis, we need to look at the overall conversion data to see the effect of the conversion between the step goal. If you find that at this time the data is not ideal, we need to lateral spread for user action before reaching a core event, dismantling the lateral segment funnel.

Also at Analysys Ark, for example, the second step means that the user successfully registered at Analysys Fangzhou Guan network. However, registration is successful but the final conversion event, before the successful registration, users also need to jump a few actions.

FIG term Notes:

1.CTR (Click-Through-Rate, ie the click-through rate, refers to the network ad clicks divided by the actual amount of the ad to show)

2.LP (Landing Page, landing page)

3.PV (Page view, ie page views)

Enter from either channel user Analysys Fangzhou Guan network will first access channel from landing page, landing page contains links to registration page; then, the user fill out the form in the registration page; then, registration will be divided into several steps, For example to set a password, fill codes and the like.

Analysis transverse conversion loss for the user in a longitudinal flow. Longitudinal found churn successfully registered this critical node of serious, only 2000 successfully registered 10,000 users, conversion is only 20%, so the success of cross-sectional analysis when analyzing the registration, to tease out the refinement when users register step.

By the table below, we can see the user access path from the exposure to click to landing pages and registration pages for centralized analysis.

Assuming that search engine advertising exposure generated by the 10,000 users are served from Baidu, traffic access has successfully jumped 30%, indicating that there are only 7000 users into subsequent registration.

7000 users only 5000 visit to registration page and complete the first step before the last successful registration, the user every step of the loss. So, every step of the process can be optimized in both points, which is transforming the business value of the final analysis can bring.

Vertical and horizontal transformation analysis, corresponding to a funnel users to build layers, each layer is associated funnel business goals or a small target.

3 Third Point

Attribution analysis of transformation

The reality is often more complicated than the hypothesis, the results will be as good as the assumptions of the ideal, user behavior in the course of the visit it is diverse, so we must consider the good attribution problem, making the analysis more sophisticated and rigorous transformation.

As before users access Analysys Fangzhou Guan network, pre-produced brand exposure from all sources, to measure how effective channels to relate to the selection attribution models. Common attribution models have shown in the following figure 5 types, can be attributed to read about, "said attribution door" metaphysics ", from start to finish to find out? "

In electronic business platform, the necessity of attribution models are even more evident. For example, the user enters the Jingdong a product landing page through Baidu search, before the user has been added to the product to access the micro-channel circle of friends or other channels through the shopping cart. Users eventually completed the purchase of the product, but this step is only a Baidu search channels assists, did not directly lead to a conversion, but this step is very important.

Therefore, we should abandon the past blindly select the last contact attribution model of attribution approach, return to the traffic sources and channels of delivery itself, choosing the best attribution model, so that subsequent conversion of more scientific analysis and interpretation.

Recent White Paper

When the red video conference software zoom is exposed 2 serious vulnerabilities

According to Security Affairs, Google Project Zero security researchers have recently discovered that there are two important vulnerabilities in Video Conference Software Zoom, which may allow users to attack.

These two vulneurs affect Windows, Macos, Linux, IOS and Android platforms, which means that almost all users are in the threat of vulnerabilities.

The first vulnerability number is CVE-2021-34423, which is a highly serious buffer overflow vulnerability, and CVSS basically scores 7.3 points. The second vulnerability number is CVE-2021-34424, which is a highly severe memory damage vulnerability, and the basic score of CVSS is also 7.3 points.

Currently, Google has already shared these two vulnerabilities to Zoom. The security announcement released by ZOOM recognizes the two vulnerabilities and stated that "some products have found a buffer overflow vulnerability and memory corruption vulnerability, which may make the application or service crash, and attackers can use these vulnerabilities to perform any code. Or expose the content status of the process, etc. "

The following is a list of affected ZOOM products:

ZOOM conferencing clients before version 5.8.4 (for Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, and Windows)
The ZOOM client for the BlackBerry meeting before version 5.8.1 (for Android and iOS)
Subbled for Conference 5.8.4 for INTUNE (for Android and iOS)
Zoom Client for Meetings 5.0.1 for the Chrome operating system
1. Zoom Rooms for Conference Rooms 5.8.3 (suitable for Android, Androidbali, MacOS, and Windows)
Zoom Rooms Controller before version 5.8.3 (for Android, iOS, and Windows)
It is worth mentioning that on November 29th, ZOOM announces the introduction of the automatic update function to simplify the update process of the desktop client. The mobile device can only be performed by the built-in automatic update of the respective application stores. renew.
ZOOM Company’s Privacy & Safety Technology Product Manager said "For personal users "
In addition, ZOOM users can also select the updated frequency: if the high frequency update is selected, the latest software and feature will be installed immediately; if the low frequency update is selected, then the number of updates will be reduced directly, and more focused on maximum improvement stability.
Although the platform has provided automated updates to enterprise users before this, this update "expands the target audience to all personal users including non-corporate organization members."

Reference source


Simple understanding of laser principle, learn a knowledge point daily

Laser, it should be said to be a household name, but if you really ask what is laser, I am afraid there will not be too many people to say it accurately. Laser, English is Laser, this Chinese name is very controversial, "Lease", "Thunder", "Light Edge", "Light Surplus Amplifier", how to call it, It seems that there is nothing to hear the word laser, I think that there is a relationship with the radium of the lady. Now I think is that it is one of the translations of Laser. Fortunately, there is the finals of Qian Xue Sen, this thing is also an official Chinese name. . The word Laser comes from the English first letters of five vocabulary.Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of RadiationDirect translation is called the exciter radiation amplifier, although it is not like the cooling of the laser, but for the scientific research dogs of our related majors, this full name is very refined, the principle of laser production.

If you want to mention the principle of laser, you can’t really be anxious. You have to go around a big bend. If you come over, you will have a little stimulus for students who don’t know this.

The principle of laser must be said from the particle energy in the substance, and must be a specific particles in some particular substances, there are two or more energy states, sometimes in high energy, exciting, sometimes Low energy, like two or three o’clock in the morning.

When the particles are relaxed from high energy into low energy, the loss of loss is radiated in the form of photons.

The light source such as an incandescent lamp is emitted by spontaneous radiation. The number of high energy particles after power is increased, and spontaneous radiation occurs very frequently.

This process is calledSpontaneous radiationIt should be easy to see here, which is not a laser, although it is also light, it is not a laser, anyway is not a laser.

Spontaneous radiation is very tone, if the laser photon is like the military parade in Tiananmen Square, the spontaneous radiation photon is like a group of dissembled wild dogs, there is no organization of discipline, and its occurs, sometimes Come, sometimes chaos.

Since the excitement particles will lose energy to be slight, then, will it be exciting to get energy through some approach? The answer is affirmative, similar to the radiation process, the low energy particles will keep the passenger passing the photons, seeing the right will "hijack", sweep the energy of the photons, used to rise to high energy This process is calledAttractive absorption.

In 1917, Einstein proposed an idea, high-energy particles, may also like to stare at the photons passing by, when there is a favorite photon road, high-energy particles will not keep them, but to release energy with it. Walk, like love. The original particles lose energy, from high energy changes to low energy, and the variation of energy will generate a superior photon with the passing photons, this process is calledExcited radiation.

Radiation is the core portion of the laser, which can be seen as light before and after the radiation is amplified, and the resulting photon is consistent with the frequency of the original photon, which is the so-called coherence.

The passed photons are two changes from one change, that is, light is enlarged. At this time, the primary school language foundation is keenly discovered that the radiation radiation is amplified. The keywords of this name have all appeared, but it is still calm. At this time, the light still cannot be called laser, and there are two important issues need Solved, it is spontaneously radiation and attachment absorption introduced by the front pad.

The first thing to overcome is attractive. If the particles of the high and low level are staring at the photons passing, it is difficult to ensure that the last thing is more hijacked or the photons that are released. And in fact, the low-level particles under natural conditions are more than high-level particles. Here, you need to join the first person-oriented intervention, that is, in a way, let the low-level particles run to the high energy level, let everyone Are exciting. At this time, there is a very Cooool name, calledParticle number inversionOrExcited state. The method of producing particle number inversion varies depending on the substance used for radiation to generate laser light, which may be energized, or light, in summary is a means of input energy.

When the excited radiation is much greater than the charge absorption, it can begin to face another mountain, spontaneous radiation. Spontaneous radiation is naturally occurring in high energy particles. In other words, there is a high energy particle, it may happen, let alone, it has raised the low energy particles to high energy, and the spontaneous radiation process is naturally stopped. So the idea of ??solving the problem is that if you want to make the radiation much greater than spontaneous radiation.

The method is to add two mirrors on both ends of the working substance of the particle number inversion state, one end is a full mirror, and the other end is a portion of the mirror, which is referred to as a resonant cavity. When the exciusal radiation occurs, the appropriate photons are repeatedly jumped between the two mirrors, multiple times, repeatedly generates electrical radiation, and continuously enhances the beam.

A portion of the mirror can be transmitted at any time, and as the radiation is contrast, the transmitted beam is constantly enhanced. Since the two-sided mirrors are located in a particular direction, there is no stable oscillating for the direction in which the direction is not suitable, so that we can see that the laser has a clear direction, which is also the result of the resonant cavity screening.

It can be seen that as long as the light in line with the requirements can form a stable shock in the cavity, it is constantly being large, which is why the laser has a clear direction, as the propagation direction does not meet the requirements of the required light is screened.

This is also the basic principle of laser, and we will be asked to remember the three major elements of laser when learning laser principles.Working substance (gain medium),Pump source (energy input),Cavity, Understand and understand this, it is also possible to understand how the laser is generated, and under this condition, it is possible to determine that many lights seen in life are not laser.

For example, when the sun is laser? This is definitely not, according to the above, the laser is not natural, the sun is emitted by nuclear gatherings, and it is not the result of the radiation radiation. This should be everyone’s consensus, there is nothing to say . Is this laser pen playing in a child? Is this a laser? This is also likely to be laser, exclude individuals to take ordinary light-emitting diode confused, many laser pens use things such as laser diodes, of course, cost is also very low, as laser, intensity, coherence, etc. It is also quoruting, after all, the use is different. Is the laser sword inside the Science Fiction Movie Star War? Although the laser cutting is now doing, let the laser only spread a certain distance, do not spread this, it can’t be done, the things in the movie can be called the telescopic diode, and it will be a light without this idea. The sword came out, the cost is not high.

I didn’t just say a bunch, this is the first time I know about it, this year’s international light days, because of the organizers of the event, I was asked to write an article about science laser. I want to revise the article, I want to revise it. I would like to revise it. Although I am related to major, it is not studying the laser, the understanding is limited. In the future, there will be some other interesting optical knowledge. Of course, it is mainly to science. Try to avoid too deep.

I hope that the people in this article are mainly some non-professional people, or undergraduates must learn laser principles, or they have not learned, and even have just read research, but even have no entry levels of laser principles. People, can qualify first, what is the principle of the laser, and then fill the flesh and blood to understand the laser or enter the research work, of course, the professionalism is also welcome to criticize. If the response or if there is any reaction, I will write some articles about fiber communication, Fourier optical, nonlinear optical, and so on.

Author: Fu Ye Lei Lei know

I repursed the N time recommended, this is the most satisfying thing this year.

Good evening, welcome to her sister’s fashionable channel ~

The last month of her sister can be described as a blink of work, closing her eyes, dreaming is working, and sleeping in the office.

At first glance, the average daily worker is just nearly 11 hours.

Image Source: giphy.com

In fact, there are more than her sister, and now a lot of workers, almost half of the time is in the office, hard work.

These two days, her sister taking advantage of some free time, improving her own position environment.ComfortablefeelI am full of time, I feel comfortable and happy.Next, I will have a very practical workplace like a very practical workplace, let you have aHigh quality office environment~

Computer stand

Looking at it, her sister editing a small East West AfricaComputer standMo.

The computer bracket in the office is not worth a purpose:Reduce cervical pressureforce.

How old is the long-term Work of the Work on the spine, especially the damage of the cervical spine? I believe that her sister does not speak, every workman who works, works deeply:When the shoulder neck is born to the extreme, I can’t wait to pin the shoulder..

In fact, long-term, wrong sitting positions not only can’t stand your shoulder neck,Severe influence.

Even the beautiful gods such as Yang Mi are tilted before, and there is such a bad body of the hump, affecting temperament, not to mention ordinary people.

The Power Sister has also said that he has also said that he has not developed a good habit, some hunchbacks. Later, she was not a new height.

Containing chest, hunchback, headEven evenChestAt the time of peace, the mobile phone is closely related to the computer.

The sisters who read here are both silently chest?

In fact, the above problems, the money of a cup of milk tea, can buy a computer bracket to prevent it.


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Table under the table

Winter, cold, feet, in the winter, is certainly not good at the office.

Although there is heating in the north, although there is heating, air conditioning, but the office space is too large, the temperature is not coming. And even if there is air conditioning, it does not affectColdfact.

The southern partners are more miserable, especially after the cliff type cooling, it is directly "cold blood."

In warmth, the "Jiajia" of the editorial department is most experienced. I was cold in the cold, and she moved out her early after the winter.Tape.

ConvincedHeat warmthThere are 4 faces under this table under Jiajia.All-round feet, calf, knee heating.


When other people in the office are frozen, the Jiajia’s roof artifact highlights its role. After lunch, you canWarm sleep a nap.

The most critical is that itNo noise. Many small partners with warm windows reflect the noise, and the skin will do. And this warm artifact will warmly warm your Jiojio and legs, there is no such defects.

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Wireless fast charge artifact

Is it difficult to look at the work before her sister?

Beautiful question is not to mention, the light is almost overwhelming twice. Hazard coefficient max. And there are too many line devices, and the charging line is often not enough, and the mobile phone headset is really troublesome when there is no electricity.

Until her sister was protected from the "rabbit" from the editorial department.Unlimited snackIt is completely solved the data line problem.

Now on her sister’s desk, only needOne line can charge 4 devices, Clean and tidy too much!

Regarding the speed of charging, with her sister’s iPhone 12 as a reference, it will be full of 1 and a half hours ~

Comparison with iPhone 12 size, easy portability

While charging, it can also beMobile phone bracketWhether it is a horizontal screen or a vertical screen, it canCharging, watching the drama is incorrect.

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Desktop storage box

I want to make the office area clean and comfortable, and I can’t affirm it! Previously, her sister’s tea bag, coffee bag, small snack, standing medicine, aunt towel, eye drops, etc., the scattered table is.

Twenty pieces of small accommodation simply improved the office environment!


The capacity of this three-layer storage box bought by her sister is not bad. The top floor can also put some aromatherapy, hairdressing.

Put the most frequently tied coffee, tea bag in the top, generally use frequencies, cutting tools, etc., and the pharmaceuticals that are not used are placed at the bottom layer.

On top of it, you can put some common jewelry

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Constant temperature intelligent heating cup mat

Since the cooling of Beijing, her sister is ready to make a tea bag want to make tea! But in a few days, I found that the water is so cold, and I can’t drink it immediately.Want to have a warm water that is warm!

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Milky milk, coffee, afternoon hot tea, it canOne-button heating,Constant temperature is kept at 55 degreesLet you drink enthusiasm all day.Do not exceed the size of the palmIt does not occupy it on the table.


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And it’s not only when heating the cup mat! Sometimes I forgot to eat for a breakfast, and I have been cold when I think of it. However, the breakfast can be kept warm, but also heat the chestnuts, roast the sweet potato these small mouth, nor does it take to the tea bars and other microwaves.

butPlastic bags and cartons can not be heated directlyCan be placed in the lunch box!

The above is today’s workplace to share it ~ Make money is not easy, create a comfortable office environment to make more work. Her sister hopes that all sisters who struggle in the workplace can remember to take care of themselves ~

The first 3K file iPhone supported 5G is coming.

[The first support 5G 3k file iPhone is exposed iPhone Se Plus is coming]

I have always had some consumers for a long time to have a unique clock, butAppleThe company also saw this potential market demand and launched the Mini series in the recent generation flagship phone model, but the sales of these mini versions are not satisfactory. There is also a news that the next generation of flagship mobile phone has a mini series to depends on the sales of this generation iPhone 13 mini, which means that next-generation iPhone 14 series is likely to provide MINI versions. This is undoubtedly a bad news for users who like small mobile phones.

But there is no relationship, the latest news shows that Apple is intended to increase the door IPHONE SE PLUS, and consumers who like small mobile phones have new options. Related supply chain news, Apple may join the new entry-level IPHONE SE PLUS in addition to the next generation of iPhone, increasing the share of the entry-level market. It is reported that the iPhone Se Plus will use a 4.7-inch LCD screen, the screen size is the same as the previous iPhone 8, and support 5G network, and this phone is likely to be the cheapest support 5G of Apple.

As for the performance configuration, there is no specific message, but there are sources that Apple also sells the processor version for the two versions of the A15 and A14, or to see the final pricing strategy. Prior to this, Apple’s well-known analyst Guo Mingzhao has given the news that the new generation of iPhone SE does not have much change above the appearance, as long as the center of gravity is still in the upgrade of hardware configuration, this new mobile phone The price will be filed at 3,000 yuan, calculated is an apple phone that is introduced.