Set car, crazy growth

– Is there a new car brand in the world?

This is a problem that is mentioned from time to time during the car circle. This problem is a non-question, either, or not.

Reality is always so interesting and colorful than this repeated question and a tasteless answer.

The birth of each new car brand, which has ambitious blueprint and ambition, and each new car brand’s helmetman is eager to have colorful, and then change the silent industrial pattern or even the whole world.

Although Bat has never hidden to the interest of the car, it is Baidu, which is really going to the sea and touch the first crab.


On November 17, Li Yanhong was clearly said in Baidu Q3 financial investors’ meeting: the intensity through Baidu’s powerful science, wisdom, Zhiyun, and Zhitu’s advantageous ecology have achieved rapid development, the first conceptual production model The size of the slurry model has completed the wind tunnel test, which will debug the Beijing Auto Show and to the market for the first time to show its smart cockpit and smart driving. It is expected to achieve large-scale production delivery in 2023. At the same time, Li Yanhong also emphasized that the collection will launch a more bright model in the future.
This small section of Li Yanhong revealed the instant information of the company’s collection of car companies, almost all content drop points in progress.
For the collection, Li Yanhong is clearly confident.
Li Yanhong’s self-confidence may be the efficiency of the set.
From March 2 this year, the settlement of the model has not yet been less than 9 months. Because I started late, I have to catch up, and I will post it.
Naturally, "efficiency" has become a model of carpament.
In June, "Black Forest" shelter model exposure; July, the design is completed, research and development into the project development phase; August, with the Ningde Times, Mainland Group, Herbi Technology reached a strategic cooperation; September, awarded? SIMU Car (software integration simulation sample) road trial exposure, smart cockpit, and smart driving function custom research and development …
On November 17th, in the collection, the intelligent driving person in charge Wang Weibao said that the current collective SIMU CAR has entered the dynamic test phase, achieving the software week, which has been added this month, including the identification signal light , The intersection of the intersection, the functions such as driving, the future will continue to keep the weekly R & D rhythm, and the intelligent driving development speed of the set is far more than the industry average.
A freshman car brand gradually reveals its meteorological. "Efficiency" can take this stage and even a long time in the future.
No more than "efficiency", it reflects the glory of this stage. It is not just a simple pursuit of growth, but behind the fast layout, there is a collection of its own underlying growth logic – in the pursuit of speed At the same time, it is more important to innovate and autonomy.


Perhaps, high efficiency is not just a result, it should be a logic.
Behind the high-efficiency growth, must have a systemic force that matches it. The material system is generally inseparable from these three capabilities.
One is the capital force.
With the market level of new power, the market is getting deeper, the car is no longer a simple financing battle, burning money, but the integration war of various advantage resources, lasting battle.
The starting point of the collection is high, which is born with a golden spoon.
In April this year, the exact news suggests that Baidu and Geely Automobile Joint venture "Place Car" plan to invest 50 billion yuan in the next five years. At the beginning of June, the collection of car CEOs said that the plan will start the first round of financing in the third quarter of this year.
One is the head of the Internet giant, a Chinese brand giant in the head. The two giants’ capital rear book also makes the collection from the beginning of birth, and won the starting line of capital, talent, technology, and supply chain.
The second is teamwork.
Excavation and excavation, is a key indicator of the core competitiveness of the new power of the car.
In the initial stage of the car, can you dug into a person, it is related to the success or failure of the car. In this round of robbing, the collection is a great victory.
After the provision of the official confirmation, before BMW, Lexus, Yulai, Ford executives Zhu Jiang have recently joined the collection of automobiles, serving as Vice Presidents and the person in charge of the user development and operations.
As early as May this year, Xia 1 revealed that the core team of the whole vehicle design of 100 people in the city has been standing. At the end of next year, this scale has expanded to 2500-3,000 people.
In fact, in February, the set of CEOs, the person in charge of the Ministry of Intelligent Trucks, the Asia Pacific region of Fiat Klesler, Moyou, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Moy, and the core team. The industry is topped in the industry.
Among them, the person in charge of the original Geely Automotive Quality Manager Xu Huayi, from the first employee of the original Moyai, Chen Chao, and Zhang Hua, who was the first person of IT, two people served as a product of the model. Director of IT.
In terms of design, there is Wang Chiang Gang from the original Beiqi senior project supervisor, as well as the red sensor of the original disaster, the leader of the engineer; "said Wang Weibao, who mentioned above, Wang Weibao, who mentioned in Apple’s automatic driving R & D project. .
The third is the technology.
The high efficiency of the collective is largely standing on the shoulders of the giant, which is never avoided.
In the dimension of the car, there is a support of Geely vast architecture, which is free of the process of collecting the entire platform to develop or truck verification.
In intelligent dimensions, Baidu’s accumulation in AI and automatic driving areas, including central capabilities in map, automatic driving, perception, voice, etc., will fully empower the set.


The set may not have an opponent.
The topic of the traditional product to solve the problem is – who is my opponent? Once you understand who is the opponent, then it is equivalent to find out who you are.
In other words, traditional Chinese caring thinking is – aiming to make a car.
This way, the way you walk may not be walking, and you can’t talk about your opponent, everything must touch the stone over the river.
On August 18 this year, in the "Baidu World Conference 2021", Li Yanhong first proposed the concept of "car robot" and released Baidu "car robot".
Although there have been similar pits that have been made out of the game, there is no ability to achieve.
More than Ttrisla, Xiaopeng, Wei Si, Ideally, the destination is: to create a future car robot company.
Therefore, regardless of the establishment of a centralized organizational architecture, staff construction, and product research and development ideas are based on the idea of ??building a car robot.
The difference between cognition, the key is on this "person".
Whether it is Mask, still He Xiaopeng, in their cognition, cars is just a bit node of their dreams.
Tesla in Masque is not a car, but a fulcrum of clean energy dreams. Xiaopeng cars, is just a intelligent one of He Xiaopeng all things.
If they define the energy attributes of the car, they are either the carrier properties, which are the levels of the machine.
Li Yanhong’s collection car, I guess there will be more in the future – humanistic taste.
Cars cannot be just a carrier, one space, may still be a Jawis-style housekeeper. If the automatic driving is the form of functional pursuit, then the Givis-style key is the spiritual pursuit.
What’s more, Baidu APLLO system is world-class technology giants in the automatic driving area, just suffering from can’t land. The AI ??capability is also the same.
With the promotion of the rhythm of the collection product, I will verify that my guess is correct or not.
Li Yanhong said the "first conceptual production model", current appearance and interior design have been basically determined. And the summer is also more optimistic: the first volume of the car can be reserved within 200,000 yuan in the first year.
The past car is gasoline feeding. Future cars will be fed by data.
There may be no opponents on this road, but on the mining and mining of the data, it is far from the early Teslas.
– Can I miss the sufficient amount of data in the future, I am afraid it is a core factor that is related to the success or failure of Li Yanhong.

Editor in charge: Xu Asia

Targeted nerve regulation, natural language treatment, technology make life better

Vomiting, you must have experienced that the taste is not good. Various types of disgusting, pregnancy, postoperative, vomiting, etc., often can’t stand it.

The "Sanfang Live Book Room" guest Zhang Wei and team are committed to studying an electronic stop plan. The equipment releases specific stimulus signals to the human upper limb neural neurons, and regulates the disturbance of distressing and inhibits vomiting reflection.

Nascomfeng (Dalian) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Executive Director Zhang Wei

At present, our equipment has completed R & D and listed. Among them, our original threshold control algorithm can delay the tolerance of long-term use; through the design of large-scale integrated circuits, it meets the requirements of multi-state regulatory requirements; and adapts to the electrode self-cleaning function required for current epidemic prevention requirements.

This set of stop gains through strict clinical trial verification, which included 4858 cases of clinical trials of 50 groups in the Anderson Cancer Center and Southwest Medical Center of the United States.

"Sanfang Live Room" entrepreneurial instructor Guest Hu Jianfeng affirmed Zhang Wei’s project research background and technological innovation, and also put forward constructive advice on the future development of the company.

Qi Sixuan Deputy Secretary General Hu Jianfeng

Specific technology is used in a specific area, which is the innovative product we have seen. For Nascomfeng, the future is going to be under the marketing, so that the products are better landing. I suggest that in addition to hospital, non-medical is also an important expansion application channel. Seven Yinhui can provide exchanges for this type of innovative enterprise to help enterprises.

Natural language processing is one of the hotspots of artificial intelligence. In the field of natural language processing, if the language analyzer is an engine, then the data that is labeled is fuel. How to make these two pieces to ensure that the engine does not have an external fuel shortage, has always been a field involved in the industry.

In this issue, we walked into the "Sanfang Live Room" guest Wang Wei, deep cultivation of natural language processing sector for more than 20 years, diamond syntax analysis and semantic analysis.

Dalian Language Star Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Wei

The syntact analysis is to analyze the structural hierarchy of a sentence, and the semantic analysis is what the meaning of this sentence is analyzed.

The company’s current product is mainly serving a single sentence natural language question and answer application scenario, such as various intelligent customer service, smart speakers, voice assistants, etc.

"Sanfang Live Basin" mentor guest, the high-level expert of Dalian Branch of the Bank of Communications, Yang Shuai, sent it to the project, and communicated with its financing intentions.

Yang Shuai, senior expert in Dalian Branch, Bank of Communications

From the perspective of financial services, we pay more attention to the financing needs of innovation entrepreneurship. In this process, we will examine whether the project can really land, find the market, find the market, through sales to complete the coverage of R & D costs, and finally form the potential of market benefits. At the same time, the Bank of Communications actively responds to the State Council, the people’s banking, and the work deployment of the benefit of the benefit of Enterprises, reducing the market subjects of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, and helps enterprises grow and develop.

See the video link for more details.

Lei Jun dynasty is true! Red rice K50 series adopts three flagship chips: big probability will increase price

After the double 11, the red rice K40 series is also officially entered the end, the difference is almost the end of the Qing Dynasty, and the new machine is released after the Spring Festival. This year’s K40 series is indeed a classic, its competitors have launched two generations of products, but the K40 series released in spring is still selling all years, and it is better to take the test.

About the next generation of red rice K50 series, there are more exposure messages recently. Currently, it can be determined that the K50 series will be equipped with three flagship chips. It can be said that the Lei Jun is really real! Red rice K40 series includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, Tianzhu 1200 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, and the K50 series is the sky 7000, Tianzhu 9000 and Qualcomm 8 GEN flagship processor three flagship chips.

You must know that Lianfa Tianzhu 9000 runs has exceeded millions, while Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is still around 80W, and it is said that Qualcomm flagship chip will also be in millions. In addition, Tianzhu 7000 is expected to run about 70W ~ 80W, which is similar to the level of Gaotaharddong 888 last year.

Based on the digital large V broke the news, the screen of the K50 prototype and fast charge has been specified for a small upgrade. Of course, he also said that there is still 2K, which is still a second flagship of 70 ~ 80W. The chip (Tianzhu 7000). This judgment is very correct, you know that Lu Weibing has just said that 1999 yuan is almost the cost of the 9000 chip, although this sentence is exaggerated, but also sides of the next year’s chip cost price has risen, so equipped with the sky The 9000 red rice K50 Pro (Probability is Pro) starting price may be 2999.

So the super large cup of Qualcomm flagship chip? It may be prolified that it will be more than 3,500 yuan. In fact, from the red rice K40 series, the sales price of 1999 is difficult for red rice! Although the red rice K40 is 1999, the corresponding specification is 6GB + 128GB version, this year 2000 yuan price who also produces 6GB of storage products? This version of the appreciation is that it is born in order to pull the price, and the netizens call it "版".

So equipped with the red rice K50 of Tianzhu 7000, not only the cost of chip, but also the upgrade of the fast charge (K40’s full-blood version of the 33W is really not enough), the new design and screen upgrade, so I think I think The K50 series price increase is inevitable, 2199 or 2499, is possible.

Similarly, consumers who want to start red rice K50 have to face a point: the outstanding stock. Xiaomi said in the third quarter financial meeting, Xiaomi’s third quarter shipments decline, which have received the impact of chip shortage, this impact will be relatively large in the first half of the year, and it will improve in the second half of the year.

So I don’t want to wait for a friend, and I will start red rice K40 is also a good choice! This year, the original Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 + LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 flagship configuration, the flagship mainstream E4 light-eatent screen, sell well all the year, the red rice K40 is now lowered to the freezing point, officially enter the clearance period, I think In addition to the fast charge, only 33W is slightly less powerful, other configurations are the right of this year’s flagship, interested friends can start!

Tarban users encounter back thorn? Huawei Matebook E is sold, 5899 yuan two in one more

This year, the panel is estimated to be more than a lot of people’s imagination, and even some brands that have not been panel are also involved. Is the tablet really become a productive tool? In fact, regardless of Apple Tablets or many Android brands, it is almost meant. Wintel is the unrequited alliance in the field of productivity. Now it is estimated that some users who buy tablets will regret it, because Huawei Matebook E two products are sold, it seems that this is the product we want.

Huawei’s previous generation Matebook E product is still two years ago, and the above-in-one product is a real ARM tablet, with ARM customteral Windows 10 system, and there is not too much advantage. But now, Huawei’s new replacement products use Core i5-1130G7 processor, and I7 options, entry-level configuration is 8GB memory + 256GB combination, with keyboard case, if you want mainstream, you can choose 16GB + 512GB, it is both a flat, or it can be used as a notebook.

Huawei Matebook E This product is X86 two-in-one tablet. In fact, the evaluation of the monarch has experienced before listed, and the product is very smooth. It seems that it seems that the original Microsoft is so layout. In terms of performance, 11 generations of cool Rui is enough for daily office, and there is no noise in the experience, and the heat is almost similar to ordinary tablets, but because it is the X86 platform, with the handwritten pen and keyboard protective cover can instantly change back to notebook form It is also very practical.

Huawei Matebook E uses a 12.6-inch OLED screen that supports DCI-P3 color gamut. The maximum brightness has reached 600nits. The aspect ratio is 16:10, and the resolution is 2560 × 1600. This screen can bring a very good picture of the daily office or audio and video entertainment. The entire flat host has only 7.99mm thick, and only 709 grams of weight is also used as a flattening. The external keyboard has a touchpad and a smart voice button as an additional input device, and NFC can support multi-screen coordinating, which is all available.

In addition, this tablet is also equipped with Huawei M-Pencil handwritten pen, due to a separate Bluetooth channel connection, the lowest delay is only 2ms, the writing experience is very good, and global control is also supported. The flat panel also joined Huawei mobile application engines, which can run a lot of mobile apps directly, which also makes this flat-compatibility better. If it is not severely used, it can even replace the light and become a office platform.

As for the price, the current Huawei Matebook E series tablet started 5899 yuan started, Core i5-1130G7, 16GB memory, 512GB SSD This kind of access to the tablet and notebook is 6899 yuan, the higher-end Core i7 version is 7899 yuan. In fact, the first two gears are more good choices. After all, a product can be solved in the same time, and the price is only a little more expensive than the high-end tablet. I believe it is acceptable. It is estimated that many small partners who bought tablets may give priority to this product, can only say that Huawei is too sudden, no one wants.

The first 3K file iPhone supported 5G is coming.

[The first support 5G 3k file iPhone is exposed iPhone Se Plus is coming]

I have always had some consumers for a long time to have a unique clock, butAppleThe company also saw this potential market demand and launched the Mini series in the recent generation flagship phone model, but the sales of these mini versions are not satisfactory. There is also a news that the next generation of flagship mobile phone has a mini series to depends on the sales of this generation iPhone 13 mini, which means that next-generation iPhone 14 series is likely to provide MINI versions. This is undoubtedly a bad news for users who like small mobile phones.

But there is no relationship, the latest news shows that Apple is intended to increase the door IPHONE SE PLUS, and consumers who like small mobile phones have new options. Related supply chain news, Apple may join the new entry-level IPHONE SE PLUS in addition to the next generation of iPhone, increasing the share of the entry-level market. It is reported that the iPhone Se Plus will use a 4.7-inch LCD screen, the screen size is the same as the previous iPhone 8, and support 5G network, and this phone is likely to be the cheapest support 5G of Apple.

As for the performance configuration, there is no specific message, but there are sources that Apple also sells the processor version for the two versions of the A15 and A14, or to see the final pricing strategy. Prior to this, Apple’s well-known analyst Guo Mingzhao has given the news that the new generation of iPhone SE does not have much change above the appearance, as long as the center of gravity is still in the upgrade of hardware configuration, this new mobile phone The price will be filed at 3,000 yuan, calculated is an apple phone that is introduced.