Intelligent calculation supply and demand + distribution, clearing sharing bicycle, upgrading Dongguan City Environment

In order to further enhance the environmental hygiene level, we will fully promote urban and rural environmental remediation, Dongguan introduced environmental health remediation to improve "hard ten" this year. Southern reporter learned from Harbin yesterday that in order to better respond to work, Harbin is fully upgraded to the vehicle operation and maintenance work in Dongguan, which is convenient for public travel to the public.

In September this year, Dongguan City has introduced environmental health remediation to improve the "hard ten", which makes clear provisions on the area, frequency, management of the city’s sanitation cleaning.

Harbin travel stated that in order to better cooperate with the competent department to do a sharing bicycle management, Harbin travel launched "0530 City Protection Action", clearly defined to respond within 5 minutes after receiving the notice of the supervision department, within 5 minutes, In 30 minutes, you will be transported in the designated place, and the Qing transportation is completed within 60 minutes.

According to reports, based on multi-dimensional data such as urban riding heat, weather, etc. More than 2,000 vehicles can be scheduled daily.

Written: Southern Reporter Mo Xiaodong

Editor: Mo Xiaodong

Sharing bicycle people’s livelihood society Dongguan

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Another electricity supplier dark horse down! After 85 boss 60 million in debt on foot, was hailed as the next Qiang East

Like any human world as a field, the business community rise or fall, sometimes changing, the slightest help people.

Seeing 2021 will come to an end, but still as Babe Group as evidence of years, and no resurrection.

November 17, a man named "Lucky Koi Little Prince" of users in shellfish shop APP microblogging complaints Babe Group’s operations, said the software without human customer service still can not log out after operation, the account balance is cleared.

More than anger, the users also CA 12315 official blog. I wonder if he is really ill-informed to this message, or simply to vent their dissatisfaction, in fact, he encountered problems simply can not be solved.

As we all know, Tony had no employees in the APP store operations, not only that, the whole group babe, and now have disappeared, founder as early as August of this year the volume of money on foot, until now, the outside world have no news of him.

Since the second half of this year, many companies have exposed the foot of the founder of the message, before abx Xie Long, founder of English language training institutions to bring fiscal Yuandun, after the Babe’s founder Zhang Lianglun disappeared.

As we all know, Jerome foot is largely due to the Education and Training industry suffered heavy losses this year, may Zhang Lianglun why is it on foot?

If the time back a year, people can not see anyway babe group of building the dump.

This was founded in June 30, 2017 of "young company", with its vitality, development and growth in just a few years.

According to statistics, Babe Group had spent less than one hundred days, a record-breaking sales of a million records in its uphill walk of those years, such as "sold 8 million tons paper towels one day," " one day sell 140 grapefruit, "and so forth gimmick, but boarded the Chinese mobile Internet growth in the first list APP, we have made a very successful results.

In 2020 the country mired in epidemic prevention babe Group first time donated supplies to the medical staff, I set a good corporate image, also claimed successfully reversed the situation of poor sales of agricultural products, the use of online help with a cargo across the country open up the market for agricultural products.

How will 60 million debt overnight liar even been accused of it?

In August 2020, Tony shop "mine explosion" of news, many businesses find that their money could not be settled properly, children will fall from all over the country arrived in Hangzhou, stuck in Beibei Group Headquarters wanted an explanation, we chickens a mouth a duck mouth speak different local dialects, but only one common aspiration: money!

This is comparable to migrant workers collective account of this scene is enough to make everyone shocked, I did not expect more outrageous things yet to come.

Group founder Babe seeing this, he just refused to come out on foot directly to the people an explanation, dropped the huge group leave Cleveland, indeed, grateful merchants resented teeth itch.

Want to know the whole story babe group from birth to death, a man would have to mention, he is Zhang Lianglun – the founder of Babe Group.

And this young babe Group companies, its founder is also a 80, regarded as a new era of young entrepreneurs.

In 1985, Zhang Lianglun born in Sichuan, China, he grew up in the background under the reform and opening up, from small business sector has witnessed countless myths from scratch, also witnessed the rise of China’s electronic business platform.

Zhang Lianglun academic excellence, his 5-year-old started school graduate that year, just 23 years old.

After graduating high school student at Jilin University communication engineering, recommended for admission to college after graduating from Huazhong University of Science to continue their studies. While all the way to school, but in fact Zhang Lianglun business from the beginning has been a college campus.

Jilin University campus, Zhang Lianglun is known for the digital products agents, in order to save leaflets bring human losses, he made a simple website, their eleven of our products go on display for students to choose.

Zhang Lianglun did not start to focus on Internet business, he had done cram for postgraduate business groups, every day after school, he and his girlfriend with a bunch of small ads and paste barrels, each went to school bulletin boards, utility poles post, Mr Yu’s style great year.

With the understanding of the deeper communication engineering, Zhang Lianglun the more determined he does not like this profession, but rather interest in electricity providers, search engines, websites and other strong, so at the undergraduate level, he was a minor in business administration.

After graduation, Zhang Lianglun first into Alibaba work, he wanted to be called in this legendary company learned something of interest.

Inside Ali, Zhang Lianglun responsible for the relevant work Alibaba Wang Pu product lines, he was very clear that he is going to leave one day Ali platform, then also this time inside of Ali, he must figure out their business as soon as possible planning.

In 2011, Zhang Lianglun after careful consideration, decided to "rebate" as their business base point, though many people are not optimistic about this business, but he believes the rebate shopping guide from the field of money relatively recent, profit model is relatively clear, but there is still much room for improvement, if good personal gain, not necessarily a way to money.

Since then, Zhang Lianglun first founded meters fold network, which is backed by a rebate Ali website, by charging a sales commission rebate harvested commission merchant, returned to a part of the user, as part of income.

Although it is a small site, but as Zhang Lianglun said, this is money from the nearest links, plus Ali such a big platform, only 2011 double eleven day, give Taobao merchants who brought more than 50 million in sales in one fell swoop fame in the industry.

Later, Mi Refrigeration was given up by Zhang Lilun. In 2014, he founded and entered the maternal and child market. In this field, he met his Bole Xu Xin.

This woman who has a very powerful investment, looks at Zhang Lilun’s potential, she feels that in Zhang Lilun’s body, there is a very unique hard work. When watching him, Xu Xin thought about Liu Qiangdong.

Xu Xin, who thought of his eyes, refused to let such a very potential young man, soon, she decided to invest huge funds to Zhang Lilun’s Beibei net in the following year.

In 2015, the capital, New Treaso capital led by today, completed the financing of Cere of 100 million US dollars.

In 2017, Zhang Lilun officially created the Beibei Group, launched the "Bayian App", this mobile phone app "is" everyone can open the store "as the concept, providing users with a platform to open the store, in all, is a free Mobile phone shop app.

After the Bayou launched, it grew up in just a few years to grow an e-commerce. In less than a year, Bayou won the title of "The fastest black horse app", the following year, the "one county and one product" plans to be "CCTV Finance" column, becoming the example of major e-commerce.

Bayou has created a good result of 100 million single-quarter sales. The peak moment of Bayou’s development in 2019. The total amount of its users exceeded 50 million.

From 2017 to 2019, Bei Shi received countless, in the eyes of the eyes, this is the new unicorn business.

This is the little peak of Zhang Lilun’s career, but standing in the peak of that year, he probably did not think that such a scenery will be destined in 2021.


A epidemic, affected the society of all walks of life, and the Beibei Group is also one of them.

After the Zhang Lilun running, the financial situation of the media replicate Beibei Group, in fact, in March 2020, the Beibei Group has begun to lay off a large quantity, and the number of people has more than 500 people.

Then, some merchants found that they did not pay on time in the shop of Bayou, but because the Bayou itself gave each business knocked time is inconsistent, this small range of unfamed incidents did not have the first time Cause everyone’s attention.

In fact, from 2019, there have been a business that the payment of Beige will be disordered. It used to be a 50-day decline in thunder, but it can be started from the second half of 2019, and the payment time began to become irregular. Follow.

When I gave a decline in May 2020, the Bayi customer service given the website in maintenance, the system has problems, but the next month, the payment is still unable to settle on time, which makes many business dumbs to eat Huang Lian – Quality Not.

Based on the trust in the Bayi, it is also based on the seasonal field when the Baybei Group is attended. Many merchants have chosen to wait. I didn’t expect this, I waited for the babe group layoff, arrears.

In August, the merchants also couldn’t sit again, assembled to the Bay Group Headquarters, raised the banner of the banner, shouting the slogan of the slogan, requiring Zhang Lianglun to give a statement.

I didn’t expect Zhang Lianglun without an appearance – running. Things have developed here, no longer an ordinary arrears, the merchants say that they are most disgusting is not arrears, but they can’t find people at all.

According to the "览 商业" report, Beibei Group has strengthened social e-commerce in 2020 regulators. The past multi-level distribution model is restricted, sales will begin to break the cliff, the monthly sales is only 5 million yuan, There are few more than one-third of the peak period in the past.

Based on this situation, Zhang Lilun has all the hope of cash back to the newly developed project in 2020 – Ximei.

This is a project for female groups, mainly to do female cosmetics, in order to do it, Zhang Lilun put into this top, do not hesitate to manure and material, it can be said that the entire Beibei Group is doing this project at the time.

When the media interviewed those who came to defend rights, they also mentioned this project, some said that in the eyes of the outside, the trend of Beibei Group, just like it is not done, don’t miss it. Ximei.

However, the Beibei Group did not pick up because of the launch of Ximei, but the word of mouth fell.

The "rebate" model is not as red as it just came out today, and the "everyone can open the store" Bayou, which is not completely free.

Every business business is enforced by the platform to consume at least what extent, and each single transaction can be achieved. There are very few commissions. This set of rebate distribution is found by people, Bayi and Ximei want It is not so easy to continue "circle" without burden.

Obviously, Si Mei finally did not give Zhang Lianglun’s rich return, but it became the last straw that was pulling the camel.

Its failure, let the Bay Group’s cash chains, according to the online Babe Group’s money, the Payré Group owes more than 600 merchants, only in the form, the amount has Up to 6 million.

Until August, the Government asked the Beibei Group to send a person in charge to handle the arrears. Zhang Lianglun still did not appear, and this disappeared, it had disappeared for more than three months, and there was no news.

In 2021, it was called "e-commerce agers". Many e-commerce platforms are "dead" in different levels. In the end, Bayi’s explosion is only a part of it.

The world is all the benefits, and the world is good. For business people, making money is the first estere, but as a businessman with a conscience, it will make money in the money, will also consider the interests of others.

Like Zhang Lilun’s moment, a businessman who has been in the event of a long time, and it is probably that countless "creditar" fled after him, it is enough to be permanently nailed in the shame.

It seems that even if there are countless investment success experience, Xu Xin is still in Zhang Lilun, turned the car here: Want to do the next Liu Qiangdong? At least now, this prediction is failed.

I repursed the N time recommended, this is the most satisfying thing this year.

Good evening, welcome to her sister’s fashionable channel ~

The last month of her sister can be described as a blink of work, closing her eyes, dreaming is working, and sleeping in the office.

At first glance, the average daily worker is just nearly 11 hours.

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In fact, there are more than her sister, and now a lot of workers, almost half of the time is in the office, hard work.

These two days, her sister taking advantage of some free time, improving her own position environment.ComfortablefeelI am full of time, I feel comfortable and happy.Next, I will have a very practical workplace like a very practical workplace, let you have aHigh quality office environment~

Computer stand

Looking at it, her sister editing a small East West AfricaComputer standMo.

The computer bracket in the office is not worth a purpose:Reduce cervical pressureforce.

How old is the long-term Work of the Work on the spine, especially the damage of the cervical spine? I believe that her sister does not speak, every workman who works, works deeply:When the shoulder neck is born to the extreme, I can’t wait to pin the shoulder..

In fact, long-term, wrong sitting positions not only can’t stand your shoulder neck,Severe influence.

Even the beautiful gods such as Yang Mi are tilted before, and there is such a bad body of the hump, affecting temperament, not to mention ordinary people.

The Power Sister has also said that he has also said that he has not developed a good habit, some hunchbacks. Later, she was not a new height.

Containing chest, hunchback, headEven evenChestAt the time of peace, the mobile phone is closely related to the computer.

The sisters who read here are both silently chest?

In fact, the above problems, the money of a cup of milk tea, can buy a computer bracket to prevent it.


Reference price: ¥ 24

Her sister has a 20-piece computer bracket alreadyUse fast for 1 yearNot only6-speed height adjustable,and alsoOpen heat dissipationCutout design. 16-inch MacBook Pro can alsoSteadily.

In addition, it can be folded into a strip,It is convenient to accommodate. No problem with the cafe work at any time ~

Due to the platform restriction, many small partners reflect the link of her sister in the text. I can’t open it. I want to link sisters remember to click. "Read the original text」群 群 ~

Table under the table

Winter, cold, feet, in the winter, is certainly not good at the office.

Although there is heating in the north, although there is heating, air conditioning, but the office space is too large, the temperature is not coming. And even if there is air conditioning, it does not affectColdfact.

The southern partners are more miserable, especially after the cliff type cooling, it is directly "cold blood."

In warmth, the "Jiajia" of the editorial department is most experienced. I was cold in the cold, and she moved out her early after the winter.Tape.

ConvincedHeat warmthThere are 4 faces under this table under Jiajia.All-round feet, calf, knee heating.


When other people in the office are frozen, the Jiajia’s roof artifact highlights its role. After lunch, you canWarm sleep a nap.

The most critical is that itNo noise. Many small partners with warm windows reflect the noise, and the skin will do. And this warm artifact will warmly warm your Jiojio and legs, there is no such defects.

Reference price: ¥ 54

And it has 2 gear, can be adjusted,Heat. Such a convenient artifact must be Amway to the world!

Sisters who want to link quickly join her sister’s shopping group link ~

Wireless fast charge artifact

Is it difficult to look at the work before her sister?

Beautiful question is not to mention, the light is almost overwhelming twice. Hazard coefficient max. And there are too many line devices, and the charging line is often not enough, and the mobile phone headset is really troublesome when there is no electricity.

Until her sister was protected from the "rabbit" from the editorial department.Unlimited snackIt is completely solved the data line problem.

Now on her sister’s desk, only needOne line can charge 4 devices, Clean and tidy too much!

Regarding the speed of charging, with her sister’s iPhone 12 as a reference, it will be full of 1 and a half hours ~

Comparison with iPhone 12 size, easy portability

While charging, it can also beMobile phone bracketWhether it is a horizontal screen or a vertical screen, it canCharging, watching the drama is incorrect.

Reference price: ¥ 129

If it is not Apple users, you can also choose to be compatible with different models of Android, Huawei, Samsung and other models.

The sisters who want to link quickly click "Read the original text" to join her sister’s shopping group link ~

Desktop storage box

I want to make the office area clean and comfortable, and I can’t affirm it! Previously, her sister’s tea bag, coffee bag, small snack, standing medicine, aunt towel, eye drops, etc., the scattered table is.

Twenty pieces of small accommodation simply improved the office environment!


The capacity of this three-layer storage box bought by her sister is not bad. The top floor can also put some aromatherapy, hairdressing.

Put the most frequently tied coffee, tea bag in the top, generally use frequencies, cutting tools, etc., and the pharmaceuticals that are not used are placed at the bottom layer.

On top of it, you can put some common jewelry

soIt will greatly improve the efficiency of finding things.Also letDesktop is more neat.

Moreover, buying the storage also gives a super cute little sticker, it is too cute after it is posted, every time I see it feels that the mood is better ~

Reference price: ¥ 26.8

Constant temperature intelligent heating cup mat

Since the cooling of Beijing, her sister is ready to make a tea bag want to make tea! But in a few days, I found that the water is so cold, and I can’t drink it immediately.Want to have a warm water that is warm!

Until the small partner recommendedConstant temperature heating Cup,It is perfect to solve the problem of "drinking hot water"!

Milky milk, coffee, afternoon hot tea, it canOne-button heating,Constant temperature is kept at 55 degreesLet you drink enthusiasm all day.Do not exceed the size of the palmIt does not occupy it on the table.


Reference price: ¥ 55

And it’s not only when heating the cup mat! Sometimes I forgot to eat for a breakfast, and I have been cold when I think of it. However, the breakfast can be kept warm, but also heat the chestnuts, roast the sweet potato these small mouth, nor does it take to the tea bars and other microwaves.

butPlastic bags and cartons can not be heated directlyCan be placed in the lunch box!

The above is today’s workplace to share it ~ Make money is not easy, create a comfortable office environment to make more work. Her sister hopes that all sisters who struggle in the workplace can remember to take care of themselves ~